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U.S. based Greensea started in 2006 based on the belief that a reliable, operator-friendly, integrated navigation and control system could dramatically improve work with marine vehicles. Today, the company provides practical commercial solutions to make the work of the marine industry easier, cheaper and ultimately more effective. Using its core technology patent-pending OPENSEA software platform, Greensea has transformed vehicles into fully integrated systems across the marine industry – manned, unmanned, surface, subsea. Using the OPENSEA operating platform, Greensea has developed commercially available navigation and control products that are flexible and scalable, allowing the same reliable products to run on ROVs, submarines, waterjet boats, DPDs, etc. OPENSEA provides a common architecture in an industry full of single-use solutions; it works with any vehicle and any sensor set, and has been integrated into more than 600 vehicles, giving stability to even the most disruptive technology.

How it works: the OPENSEA library ensures proven performance and functionality by providing native support for thousands of devices. The OPENSEA suite, a set of applications built on the OPENSEA library, powers capabilities like inertial navigation, device management, vehicle control, and mission management. And it’s all anchored by the library’s comprehensive health and status management framework. Technology Products Using the OPENSEA operating platform, Greensea provides inertial navigation products (INSpect GS) and vehicle control systems (Balefire) for a full range of autopilots and autonomy. All Greensea products provide a fully integrated platform for vehicles to work as a unified system.
Greensea is a small business serving the marine industry, including manned, unmanned, surface and subsea segments. Greensea works with military, scientific, academic and commercial organizations.
10 East Main Street, Richmond, VT 05477
Phone: 802-434-6080
CEO/President: Ben Kinnaman
Number of Employees: 20
Vice President: Marybeth Gilliam
(As published in the July/August 2016 MTR100 edition of Marine Technology Reporter)

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