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MTR100: CEE HydroSystems

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CEE HydroSystems is committed to continuing to developing new modern SBES options for cost-effective shallow water hydrographic surveying.
Bruttour International launched CEE HydroSystems in 2011 as a new division established to focus on the development and manufacture of field proven shallow water CEE hydrographic survey products first designed by Bruttour. Since the company’s inception, CEE HydroSystems have grown and increased design and engineering capabilities to enhance its product range and now offer a suite of highly specified single beam echo sounders. In 2015, Australia based CEE HydroSystems opened the first overseas office in San Diego, U.S.
CEE HydroSystems continues to innovate and bring modern processing power to single beam echo sounder equipment. This approach results in equipment substantially smaller, lighter, and more robust than products that may be based on technology that has changed little over several years. As a result of electronic component development, there no longer has to be a compromise between size, convenience and performance of shallow water hydrographic echo sounders. With CEE HydroSystems equipment, it is possible to have capability and convenience at the same time.
(As published in the July/August 2016 MTR100 edition of Marine Technology Reporter)

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