N o r w e g i a n Firm Invests In Multipurpose Freighters

With an eye to handling a wide variety of cargoes in almost any kind of port, the Norwegian shipping firm A / S Alliance has taken delivery of the first of three multipurpose freighters that employ two 30-ton gantry cranes running the length of the ship for loading.

The 44,351-dwt ship, named the Hoegh Mallard, is the first of three to be built by Kawasaki Heavy Industries at the Japan firm's Sakaide Works.

Designed to load baled pulp, pulp rolls, kraft liner boards, plywood, packaged lumbers, grains, ores, other bulk cargoes and containers or other cargoes, the Hoegh Mallard has 10 square holds, nine of which have openings 83 feet 2 inches wide, about 80 percent of the hull breadth. The huge pontoon- type hatch covers, which are strong enough to sustain lumber and containers on top of them, are removed and replaced by the ship's movable gantry cranes.

Inside, the holds are brightly lighted by high-pressure sodium lamps built into their sides and controlled by switches in the water ballast control room.

The Hoegh Mallard also has several interesting engine and steering features. The highly automated engine plant is cooled totally by fresh water instead of seawater, making it far easier to maintain. To aid in steering, the ship is fitted with doppler sonar which accurately measures the vessel's longitudinal and sidewise speed and confirms them at the chart space, bridge wings and engine control room.

Since Norwegian seamen demand a good deal of comfort at sea, the vessel has exceptionally high-grade living quarters, including an indoor pool, recreation lobby, a coffee bar and other facilities built around a dining room and day room.

The 44,351-dwt ship is to have a complement of 35 and will cruise at about 15.3 knots.

Principal particulars of the Hoegh Mallard are: length overall — 657.81 feet, length between perpendiculars — 623.36 feet, breadth molded — 101.05 feet, depth molded —51.51 feet, and draft extreme — 37.946 feet. The vessel is classed by Det norske Veritas.

The main engine is a Kawasaki M.A.N.

K8SZ 70/125 diesel engine with maximum continuous output of 15,200 bhp at 145 rpm, and normal output of 13,700 bhp at 140 rpm.

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