SNAME And SSC Plan Ship Vibration Symposium For Washington, D.C. October 1978

The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME) has joined with the interagency Ship Structure Committee (SSC) in the sponsorship of an international Ship Vibration Symposium to be held at the Sheraton National Hotel in Arlington, Va.

(Metropolitan Washington, D.C.) on October 16-17, 1978. This Symposium follows the highly successful Ship Structure Symposium of October 1975, which was also jointly sponsored by these two organizations.

The Symposium will bring together representatives of the maritime community including ship operators, builders, designers, researchers, governmental and classification bodies to discuss all aspects of ship vibration, noise, and hull/machinery incompatibility.

The emphasis of the Symposium will be the interfaces between hull structure, hydrodynamics, machinery, and man. It will foster an awareness and appreciation of shipboard vibration and noise problems.

It has been over 12 years since the first conference on Ship Vibration was held at Stevens Institute of Technology. In the intervening years, a dramatic growth in the size and installed horsepower of vessels has taken place. The impact of shipboard problems has also increased substantially, due to the high capital cost of new vessels.

During these years, substantial progress and developments have taken place in the vibration and noise fields. It is now time for these technological problems and new advances to be discussed in an open forum with all those engaged in ship design, construction, and operation.

A Symposium Committee has been formed under the general chairmanship of Norman 0. Hammer of the Maritime Administration, Department of Commerce. The Symposium's Papers Committee is made up of representative members of SNAME's Hull Structure Committee, Hydrodynamics Committee and Ships' Machinery Committee. Participation by these SNAME committees will insure that the problem of ship vibration is discussed from every viewpoint. The co-chairmen of the Technical Program and Papers Committee are William A. Wood, Bethlehem Steel Corporation, and Jacques B. Hadler, David W. Taylor Naval Ship Research and Development Center.

Ralph Johnson, National Transportation Safety Board and Dr. Warren C. Dietz, U.S.

Coast Guard, will serve as co-chairmen of the Arrangements Committee. Lt. Comdr.

Thomas H. Robinson, U.S. Coast Guard, is chairman of the Publicity Committee. The chairman of the Registration Committee is Lt. Comdr. Steven H. Davis, U.S. Coast Guard, and the chairman of the Publications Committee is Richard W. Rumke of the Ship Research Committee, National Academy of Sciences.

The Ship Structure Committee is an interagency committee composed of representatives from the Naval Sea Systems Command, Maritime Administration, U.S. Coast Guard, Military Sealift Command, and the American Bureau of Shipping. The purpose of that committee is to conduct an aggressive research program which will, in the light of changing technology in marine transportation, improve the design, materials and construction of the hull structure of ships. This is accomplished by an extension of knowledge in these fields for the ultimate purpose of increasing the safe operation of ships.

The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers is an internationally recognized, nonprofit, technical and professional society, dedicated to the advancement of the art, science, and practice of naval architecture, marine engineering, shipbuilding, ship operating, and ocean engineering, in all of their many branches. A major purpose of the Society is the gathering and collating of technical information in the above fields, and the dissemination of this information to the maritime community through various media. It also administers an extensive Technical and Research (T&R) Program involving over 900 individuals.

Further details on the technical program will be forthcoming.

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