Robertson Multipurpose Pilot Handles Complex Vessel Control Problems, Upgrades Vessel Performance

Robertson Marine Systems, Inc.

of Metairie, La., is offering the Robertson Multipurpose Pilot (RMP), a family of intelligent vessel control systems designed for precision vessel maneuvering and dynamic positioning.

According to Robertson Marine, the RMP can steer, position and maneuver any vessel in any trade. A unique combination of operating modes are available as standard: autopilot steering; manual joystick maneuvering with speed and position control; automatic heading control with manual joystick speed and position control; automatic highprecision tracking; and dynamic positioning.

Operation of the RMP system is simple. The operating mode of the system is clearly shown in the alphanumeric displays and safety is ensured by a built-in self test and alarm system. Lengthy operator training is not necessary.

The RMP control panel consists of three modules: AP9 MKII autopilot; joystick control module; and thruster control module. These modules can be supplied in one mounting frame, or individually to suit the bridge layout and the vessel's specific operational requirements.

Autopilot control—AP9 MKII is an autopilot designed for optimal automatic steering. Course selection is made using a rotating course selector and incremental course adjustments of 1 degree by push buttons.

Set course is shown on a digital display. Deviation from set course is indicated on a separate analog bargraph.

Direction of rudder commands are illustrated with arrows.

The autopilot is easily adjusted to meet sailing conditions and each vessel's characteristics. Rudder, counter rudder, weather helm and rate of turn parameters are selected by using dedicated push buttons.

Joystick control—Precise vessel maneuvering at any speed is carried out from the joystick control panel.

Standard operation features include: manual joystick control of vessel position, heading and speed; automatic heading control with manual joystick control of vessel position and speed; and selection of vessel's point of rotation at bow, midships or stern.

Thruster control—The thruster control is custom built for the vessel's specific propeller and thruster configuration. The RMP system automatically allocates and calculates the command signals to the selected propellers, engines and rudders and displays the thrust direction and magnitude in analog form for operator conceptualization.

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