Flow Control for Multi-pump Applications

Posted by Irina Tabakina

The VACON 100 FLOW is an AC drive designed to improve flow control for multi-pump applications in which several pumps are used in place of a single one. Multiple pump solutions help lighten the load by spreading it across several pumps, thus offering greater energy efficiency and system redundancy – if one pump fails, the others can take up the additional load. For operations in which demand fluctuates throughout the course of the day, such as a municipal water system providing peak water consumption in the morning and minimal usage at night, the VACON 100 FLOW offers unsurpassed control of flow and pressure for a maximum of eight pumps (or fans) without the need for an external controller — communication between drives is provided by integrated RS-485. The VACON 100 FLOW AC Drive is equipped with built-in Ethernet as standard.
The VACON 100 FLOW offers three multi-pump control solutions: single drive multi-pump, multi-drive multi-master and multi-drive multi-follower. For single-drive installations, one AC drive controls a lead pump. If demand exceeds the capabilities of the pump, additional fixed-speed pumps are brought online directly or with a soft starter. The VACON 100 FLOW allows the user to choose between fixed setups and solutions in order for the lead and auxiliary pumps to alternate roles to equalize wear and tear. In multi-master mode, each pump is controlled by its own AC drive.


(As published in the November 2014 edition of Maritime Reporter & Engineering News - http://magazines.marinelink.com/Magazines/MaritimeReporter)

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