American Abrasive Metals Develops New Non-Slip Coating For Marine Use

A new non-slip coating, proven in use by the U.S. Navy, is now available as original safety equipment for new or existing ships and offshore rigs, regardless of age. The safety coating is manufactured and marketed by American Abrasive Metals Co.

Called Epoxo, the low-cost coating simply rolls on in minutes to help stop slips and falls at sea.

Epoxo's unique high traction surface protects personnel and equipment, as well as providing vital n o n - s k i d s a f e t y for helicopter landing pads on offshore rigs. The coating is easily applied by shipyard or shipboard personnel. Simply roll, trowel, or spray on. A two-man team can roll on up to 1,000 square feet in only 60 minutes.

For ships at sea, Epoxo Non- Skid Safety Coating should be used on all exposed weather decks, work areas, storage decks, walkways, passageways and vehicular traffic areas to protect crews, equipment and machinery from costly slips, skids and falls.

For o f f s h o r e r i g s , Epoxo's unique high-traction surface enables men and equipment to secure a good "grip" even on wet, slippery and oily decks.

Epoxo's tough resin binder locks in the almost diamond-hard a b r a s i v e g r a n u l e s , preventing them from being loosened or kicked out, so it resists gouging and chipping. Because its unique combination of epoxy resins forms a chemical and mechanical bond with steel, Epoxo features superior adhesion even under the most severe impact. And its special blend of resins remains unaffected by seawater, oil, gasoline, grease, most chemicals, hydraulic fluids, acids, alkalines, solvents and detergents. It can be applied to any properly prepared, clean, sound surface.

For a free sample and literature, contact Richard W. Glaubinger, American Abrasive Metals Co., 460 Coit Street, Irvington, N.J. 07111.

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