The Inverto Marine Bilge And Ballast Water Separator

This IMCO-approved marine separator is designed to comply with the most stringent legislation on marine pollution. The effluent is far below the 15 ppm requirements. The unit mainly consists of three consecutive treatment stages: first the oily water passes the pre-separation chamber where large slugs of oil are separated from the water; the remaining oily water continues its way through the coalescer compartment, where very small oil droplets are coalesced to relatively large globules.

The coalescer compartment contains two identical beds of granular medium of which one is in up flow (fluidized state) and the other is in down flow. This means that part of the coalescer medium is continuously being cleaned while the other part is performing the coalescing function. Due to the reversible current, no clogging will occur and continuous operation is guaranteed.

The large oil globules coming from the coalescing compartment are subsequently separated in the fine separation compartment, containing a pack of parallel plates.

The treated water is thereafter disposed to sea.

The main features of this marine separator are self-cleaning, very compact in size, minimum maintenance, effluent quality independent of influent oil concentration, continuous automatic or semi-automatic operation.

For additional information, write to M.A.

Reymers, Skimovex B.V., de Liesbosch 5, P.O. Box 2028, 3500 GA, Utrecht, the Netherlands.

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