M/S Yulius Fuchik, First Of Two Valmet-Built Lykes SEABEE-Type Barge Carriers For USSR

The first Lykes SEABEE-type barge carrier for the Soviet Union, the M/S Yulius Fuchik, was delivered in Helsinki on October 20 by the builder Valmet Oy of Finland. Yalmet had previously contacted Lykes Bros. Steamship Company in Europe and received license rights to build two SEABEE- type vessels for the USSR, and an agreement on an exchange of know-how.

The barge carrier Yulius Fuchik is a diesel-powered twin-screw vessel of usual welded-steel construction, with the following main dimensions: length overall, 266.44 meters (about 874 feet) ; length between perpendiculars, 222.81 meters (731 feet) ; breadth, molded, 35 meters (115 foet) ; depth, molded, 22 95 meters (75 feet) ; draft on construction waterline, 9 meters (30 feet) ; draft, maximum, 11 meters (36 feet), and international tonnage, 36,382.62 grt.

A total of 26 Danube-Sea (D-M) type barges, each weighing a maximum of 1,300 tons, can be loaded into the ship. Thus the total loading capacity is 26 x 1,300 tons = 33,800 tons. If a possibly more realistic barge weight is used (1,000 tons), the loading capacity is about 26,000 tons.

Containers can be carried in two different ways: in the hold and on the hatch covers of the barge or with special container adapters.

In the stern, two cantilevers have been added on both sides of the vessel supporting the hoisting machinery of the loading platform of 2,700 tons capacity and protecting the barge handling from a heavy sea.

The vessels are built according to the rules of the Register of the USSR for the notation KM + L3, A2, and to fulfill the international rules (Load Line Convention, SOLAS, etc).

The average service speed will be 9.8 m/s (19 knots), main engines running at 26,500 kw with a main engine consumption of heavy fuel oil of 130 tons/days.

Endurance will be 12,000 nautical miles, and other stores are sufficient for 40 days' consumption.

The propulsion plant consists of two c-p propellers each driven by diesels via twin input-single output reduction gear. The dieseltype is S.E.M.T.-Pielstick 16 PC 2.5-V400.

The home port of the Yulius Fuchik will be Izmail on the lower Danube, from where the vessel will operate to Middle East and Southeast Asian ports. The barges will be handled in Europe by the international organization "Interlihter," situated in Budapest.

The next vessel in the series will be delivered late 1979.

Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 7,  Dec 1978

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