Soundcoat Introduces Four Lightweight Vibration Damping Materials

The Soundcoat Company of Deer Park, N.Y., is offering a free eightpage bulletin on constrained layertype vibration damping materials, called Soundfoil, which the company's materials laboratory has developed for control of noise and vibration.

Soundfoil is described in the bulletin as a highly efficient vibrationdamping composite specially designed to reduce the resonant vibrations of thin sheet metals and thin composite panels. It consists of an aluminum foil alloy and a viscoelastic damping polymer. Each of the following Soundfoils are specifically designed to control vibration under different types of environmental and temperature conditions: Soundfoil "D" for use at high temperatures with peak damping at 140 F to 280 F; Soundfoil "LT" for low temperature applications with peak damping at -40 F to 40 F; Soundfoil "M" for room temperature and below, with peak damping at 30 F to 100 F; and Soundfoil "N" is optimum use at room temperature and above with peak damping at 60 F to 150 F.

These varieties of lightweight, thin vibration damping materials allow Soundcoat to provide solutions for diverse applications such as oil pans, rocker arm covers, transformers, electrical appliances, business machines, cameras, ships and boats to helicopters and aerospace products.

All Soundcoat materials are available with pressure sensitive adhesive and can be custom-cut for fast and cost-effective production-line assembly or field retrofit.

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Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 9,  Jul 1988

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