General Thermodynamics Offers Free Literature On 300-A BMEP Balancer

General Thermodynamics Corporation of Plymouth, Mass., is offering free literature which gives technical data on their Model 300-A BMEP Balancer, the most common use of which is to adjust the fuel distribution to an engine to assure that each cylinder is producing an equal share of power.

It is designed to fit the standard indicator valve and is quickly connected and sealed with slightly more than hand tight torque. Readings are taken for each cylinder, then fuel adjustments are made either up or down until all cylinder yield the same pressure reading.

An alternate use of the Model 300-A BMEP Balancer is to determine the actual field performance of an installed engine under load. The cylinder load is first distributed equally using the Balancer. Then the average Balancer reading is referred to a previously prepared chart for the engine, and the actual power being developed is read out.

BMEP is determined simultaneously.

For further information and a free copy of the literature on the Model 300-A BMEP Balancer from General Thermodynamics, Circle 91 on Reader Service Card

Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 6,  Jul 1988

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