Complete Vessel Structure Modeling and Part Nesting by Autoship

Autoship Systems Corporation (ASC) has developed a complete CAD/CAM suite to meet the CAD/CAM needs in marine vessel design and construction, including two key programs in the CAD/CAM suite: Autostructure 3.0 and Production Manager 3.0. Autostructure and Production Manager are key components in the Autoship CAD/CAM suite, offering shipyards complete solutions in structural design, pre-construction drawing preparation and part nesting.

Autostructure is used to create a 3D model of a vessel structure and to output the parts of that model in CAD format. The CAD representation can be used either to prepare construction drawings or for input to NC cutting processors. Autostructure utilizes an Autoship-generated hull and/or superstructure and can also include the shell plate information created in Autoplate. (Autoship and Autoplate are programs in the Autoship Systems CAD/CAM suite.

Autostructure was designed to allow parts to be created quickly and with minimal input. While there is a general workflow.

no set ways or sequences are forced upon the user. And since parts can be generated rapidly, mistakes can be quickly and easily remedied. Also, if a part is changed or moved.

Autostructure can update the surrounding structure.

Autostructure has an interface with the piping design system "AutoPLANT" by Bentley Systems Inc. Data exchange between the two programs allows for coordination of design between piping designers and structure designers, hence avoiding costly rework tin the vessel construction site.

All parts designed in Autostructure can be imported into Production Manager for nesting and related processing.

Production Manager provides sheet and linear (extrusion, flat bar) nesting, part subdivision, weld shrinkage compensation.

stock definition, stock inventory and stock remnant management.

Together. Autostructure and Production Manager provide complete control over vessel structure design and nesting, plus integration with third party piping. These components have completed the ASC CAD/CAM suite.

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