Uniroyal Collapsible Rubber Drums Are Rugged —Literature Available

P o r t a b l e , rugged, collapsible rubber drums designed to transport or store gasoline, oil, alcohols, lubricants, water, and other liquids, are available from the E n g i n e e r e d Systems Products Group of Uniroyal, Inc., Mishawaka, Ind.

Shaped like a giant wide wheel, the Sealdrums®, as it is called, has revolutionized the technology of handling liquids. The drum can be pushed, rolled, or towed, as well as carried, for maximum mobility.

And, when empty, it collapses to only 15 percent of its fully loaded size for return shipping.

Sealdrums are produced in three basic sizes. The 55-gallon drum is 34V> inches long with a diameter of 23M> inches. The 250- gallon drum is 60 inches long and has a 40-inch diameter. The giant 500 gallon drum is 62 inches long with a 53%-inch diameter. The 500-gallon drum holds approximately the same volume of liquid as ten 55-gallon commercial steel drums but occupies less than half the space.

Their o p e r a t i n g temperature range is from — 30 to 165 F. Ruggedly built of rubber-coated rayon tire cord with an outer surface layer of tough neoprene, Sealdrums feature various inner liners compatible with the liquid to be carried. Every Sealdrum is equipped with swivel-plate lugs for tow bar towing and with shackles for tie-down on helicopter or crane lifting.

According to George Greener, manager of U n i r o y a l ' s ESP Group, Sealdrums were initially developed to serve the military.

If punctured, the drum is easily repaired, even when full, by inserting a special plug from the outside. This resistance to tearing or enlarging a puncture, and ease of repair, is making them a favorite for industrial use under rugged shipping conditions.

They also can be stored outdoors, whereas metals or p a p e r b o a rd containers must be warehoused.

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