Student Papers Presented At Los Angeles SNAME

The annual presentation of student papers highlighted a recent meeting of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Section of The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers. This sixth meeting of the 1980-81 season drew 38 members and guests of the Society to the Port of Los Angeles for the dinner and t e c h n i c a l session aboard the Princess Louise.

The Ocean Sciences Engineering Department at California Polytechnic University, Pomona, under the guidance of Prof.

Nathan Friedland, sponsored the evening's student talent. Two papers were presented: the first, titled "Microprocessor-Based Salinity and Temperature Meter," was authored and presented by Carlos A. Avalle, a 1980 Cal Poly graduate and now an engineer for Interstate Electronics; the second paper, titled "Proposal for the Construction and Study of an Artificial S u b s t r a t e for Giant Kelp Cultivation," was authored and presented by Edward J. Willey, a senior majoring in ocean science engineering.

Mr. Avalle's paper, the product of a senior project, dealt with the classic engineering problem of identifying a need, then developing a cost-effective tool to meet the need. The need was to provide accurate measurement of inorganic salt concentration, and corresponding temperature, to determine conductivity of seawater under laboratory conditions.

The evening's second paper dealt with the problem of diminishing f o s s i l - b a s e d energy resources by promulgating a means of enhancement of a renewable resource from the sea. The resource chosen, as the basis for Mr. Willey's paper, is macrocystis, more commonly known as giant kelp, from which methane gas is produced. Giant kelp is found in near-shore beds (within 100 miles of shore), in depths of up to 120 feet, and is currently farmed as an i n g r e d i e n t for everything from jello to beer.

Algin, a kelp derivative, is used in almost anything that needs thickening, including paint and cosmetics.

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