New Gems Flow Switches Designed For Heavy D u t y - Literature Available

The FS-200 M SB Series flow switches from Gems Sensors Division, P l a i n v i l l e , Conn., have been designed to provide accurate flow detection for marine applications requiring rugged duty, dependability, and high repeatability.

They are particularly well suited for monitoring coolant water flow to radar and other communication equipment requiring constant monitoring of temperature of the electronic tubes.

The FS-200 M SB can also be used very effectively to monitor oil lubrication flow to bearings and other rotating surfaces in marine s h i p b o a r d applications.

Designed with socket-welded connections, these units can be silverbrazed into ship lubrication and coolant lines to meet marine standard requirements.

A broad range of fixed flow rate settings are available and material of construction can be bronze, Monel or stainless steel.

The units are corrosive-resistant to seawater, etc., and can be used to trigger alarms or flow-indicating equipment, should flow decrease to a point where the equipment being lubricated would be in jeopardy. Stock size ("%-3 inches), socket-weld units with standard SPDT, 20-watt reed switch output capabilities can be calibrated horizontally or vertically, depending upon orientation aboard ship.

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