Novel Hagglunds Cranes Retrofitted On Cargo Ship Built In Shanghai

The novel Hagglunds "Excentermounted" cranes fitted recently at Cityvarvet, Gothenburg, to the cargoship Skagern add considerable extra interest to this new vessel.

The two cranes, each of 25-ton capacity are of Hagglunds' standard electro-hydraulic type, but mounted on platforms of a new type allowing eccentric positioning of the crane housing at any of four positions, offset at 2.5 meter radius from the center of the crane base.

As the crane bases are located close to the ship's port rail, it is possible to position the cranes outboard of the hull, with corresponding shorter working radius. Alternatively, the cranes may be located with their slewing center inboard, FLORIDA—Tampa Bonanni Ship Supply, Inc.

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over the hatch. This not only gives improved visibility but also better access to the far side of the hatch or over the ship's other side, without extreme jib radius.

The 106-meter Skagern is one of a series of 340 TEU vessels ordered by Schulz & Clemmensen, Hamburg, at the Zhonghua Shipyard in Shanghai. She was taken over by Ahlmarks Rederi, Karlstad, Sweden, immediately after delivery, and Cityvarvet has car- Iton Avenue : 212-875-6178 ried out the necessary modifications to suit her to the owners' forest products trade between Baltic and North Sea ports.

The new "Excenter-mounted" crane, which Hagglunds have developed in cooperation with the owners, will also be fitted to a sister to the Skagern as well as on two smaller vessels now under construction for Ahlmark's subsidiary in the Netherlands.

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