Wesmar Sonar Effective In Shallow-Water Operations —Literature Available

Wesmar's 500SS side scan sonar has proven to be a valuable tool for locating submerged objects. The lightweight side scan tow fish (13 pounds) and chart recorder are an economical and valuable tool for shallow-water salvage, survey, and diving operations.

Two sonar transducers sweep the sea bottom with accoustical beams. Each transducer can be adjusted to various angles for the best resolution. One transducer, for example, can be adjusted to look up or down while the other side scans. A versatile shipboard chart recorder records the reflected images. 2K bits of memory are standard, packing 64 marking points per inch; this gives a sharp, detailed picture that is easy to interpret.

The recorder can print both left and right channels or print either channel across the 8 inches of paper. For scanning accuracy, seven depth ranges (100 to 1,600 feet) are available. Five paper speeds match tow speed, depth, and the desired targets position.

The 500SS has proven especially useful in locating and identifying shipwrecks, pipelines, oil heads, and underwater obstructions. The unit paints an accurate picture of the bottom—even deciphering the density of the bottom itself—for virtually any application. If a target of interest appears, the "event" marker can be pushed, marking the spot for easy reference at a later date.

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Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 13,  Dec 15, 1983

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