A/S Vesta Incinerators Help Shipowners Meet Waste Regulations

Rules and regulations aimed at diminishing marine pollution through dumping of plastics and garbage are being increasingly enforced by various agencies such as the U.S. Coast Guard.

The MARPOL Annex V regulation, which has been in effect for almost three years, prohibits the dumping of any plastic material in any waters and states that food dumped into the sea must be able to pass through a screen with a mesh size no larger than 25 mm. This means that the waste must either be held on board throughout the voyage until a port is reached which has a suitable facility for handling waste, or the particle size must be somehow reduced on the vessel to a size which meets this rule.

The only way known for accomplishing this size reduction is by incineration.

Two compact incinerators for shipboard use have been developed by A/S Vesta of Copenhagen, Denmark, the manufacturers of Atlas incinerators. These are distributed in North America by American United Marine Corporation of Saugus (Boston), Mass.

The Vesta Maxi 25S is designed for burning solid waste, and the Vesta Maxi 25SL burns sludge oil and solid waste simultaneously.

Either can be built into a 9M3 ISO container, which is delivered prewired and pre-piped, including C02 fire extinguishing equipment, and a 300-liter tank for diesel fuel. The Maxi 25SL, the HT-4-100 sludge oil tank system is also included.

Both of these units are ready for fast and direct installation on the deck by means of simple container twist locks welded to the deck. All that remains to be done to complete installation is to hookup to the vessel's electric power, diesel fuel storage, recirculation for the HT-4- 100 sludge system, and a flue gas exhaust pipe. All of these utilize the connections already present on the outside of the incinerator unit.

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