Deutz MWM Introduces New Engine Model

Deutz MWM recently introduced their new engine model TBD 234V 16Y, increasing the power to 1,400 hp (1,030 kw) at 2,300 rpm from 1,224 hp.

The engine resembles the yacht concept of the known V12Y to allow for high-power density in compact engine rooms.

The major change in this engine is the water-cooled exhaust manifold.

The standard TBD 234s have a dry insulated pulse turbocharging system, fast in response and fuel efficient. A new concept in the exhaust manifold was required, as a four-barrel water-cooled exhaust manifold was almost impossible to The TBD 234V16Y new dual flow pipe pulse system is used to avoid the disadvantages of the less dynamic but simple constant pressure charging system and maintain the response and part load efficiency of the pulse system.

The water-cooled KKK turbo's and after-cooler are fitted on the engine above the flywheel. Since the reduction gear is normally located here, the length of the propulsion package is very compact.

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