SNAME 1991 Annual Meeting & 1 Oth Annual Internation al Maritime Exposition

New York, New York, November 13-16 One of the most import a n t marine shows in the U.S., the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engin e e r s (SNAME) Annual Meeting and International Maritime Exposition will holdits 1991 conference in New York City from November 13-16. The three-day event will be held at the newly renovated New York Hilton Hotel.

The show returns to New York following last year's presentation in San Francisco. Last year the show was held outside New York for the first time in its history. Attendance and the number of exhibitors was down slightly last year, due in part to the limited amount of exhibition space at the Hyatt Regency Hotel at the Embarcadero Center in San Francisco. This year, the number of exhibiting companies is in excess of 100 and attendance is expected to be in the area of 2,000, according to a society spokesman. The exhibition area will be located in the new Americas Halls facility on the hotel's third and fourth floors.

The 1991 International Maritime Exposition marks the 10th anniversary of the joining of the exhibition with the annual meeting. Located in Americas Hall I and II, the exposition will be showcasing over 100 companies providing an excellent forum to meet marine industry professionals.

Exhibitors from Europe and North America will display marine products and services including diesel engine sales and repair, ship and boat construction, maintenance and repair, navigation and communication technology, valves and piping, lifesaving equipment, controls and control systems, deck machinery and cargo-handling equipment and vessel design and engineering services.

The technical program will once again run concurrently with the exposition.

The papers committee, under the direction of chairman J a c k W. Abbott, has selected 15 papers covering a diversified array of subject matters to comprise the technical program scheduled for Thursday, November 14, and Friday, November 15.

The first two papers presented in the Trianon Ballroom on Thursday morning, November 14, will focus on resistance and powering. The two papers presented in parallel in the Mercury Ballroom will be on ship design of submersibles and a study comparing U.S. and U.K. frigate designs.

Thursday afternoon, papers focusing on ship performance and maneuverability will be presented in the Trianon Ballroom, while in parallel, papers in the Mercury Ballroom will examine icebreaker performance prediction and a progress report on Tension Leg Platforms.

On Friday morning, six papers will be presented in all. The three papers in the Trianon Ballroom will cover waves and motion, while three miscellaneous papers concurrently presented in Mercury Ballroom address the topics of design and construction of a floating accommodation facility for aircraft carriers, design curves for specially orthotropic laminated plates, and axial and torsional vibration calculations on longstroke diesel engines.

On Friday afternoon, one paper of particular note will be presented.

"The Inadequacies of the Current Approach to Minimizing Oil Outflow from Damaged Tankers—A Proposed Alternative" by Jeremy Hooks advances the author's contention of the inadequacies of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) formula for the protective location of segregated ballast tanks. Mr. Hooks favors an alternative arrangement with an intermediate deck at approximately mid depth in conjunction with double sides.

This year's annual Business Session will immediately follow the President's Luncheon. The agenda for this meeting will include a report on the elections that took place at the council meeting on Wednesday, November 13.

At noon, prior to the President's Luncheon in the East Ballroom on Thursday, November 14, a general reception will be held in the foyer of the East Ballroom. Beginning at 12:30 p.m., the President's Luncheon will feature the presentation of several important society awards and an address by SNAME president Ronald K. Kiss.

On Friday, November 15 at 7:30 p.m., the Annual Banquet, the society's yearly black tie affair, will be held in the hotel's Grand Ballroom.

The principal speaker at the banquet will be the Secretary of the Navy, H. Lawrence Garrett III.

The banquet program will also feature presentations of the Taylor Medal to Douglas Faulkner, for "notable achievement in naval architecture," the Land Medal to Robert G. Mende, for "outstanding accomplishment in the marine field," the Smith Medal to Allyn C. Vine for "outstanding accomplishment in ocean engineering," and the Webb Medal to Amelio M. D'Arcangelo for "outstanding contributions to education in naval architecture, marine or ocean engineering." A detailed brochure covering the SNAME Annual Meeting, including registration and attendance information, can be obtained from SNAME Headquarters, 601 Pavonia Avenue, Jersey City, N.J. 07306; telephone: (201) 798-4800; or fax: (201) 798-4975.

Technical Sessions & Social Programs Thursday, November 14 Trianon Ballroom 9:30 a.m.—"Resistance and Powering Predictions for Transom Stern Hull Forms During Early Stage Ship Design," by Siu C. Fung.

10:45 a.m.—"Resistance and Seakeeping Characteristics of Fast Transom Stern Hulls with Systematically Varied Form," by Erkki Lahtiharju, Tuomo Karppinen, Matti Hellevaara and Timo Aitta.

Mercury Ballroom 9:30 a.m.—"Submersible Pressure Hull Design Parametrics," by James J. Gorman and Lisa L.


10:45 a.m.—"A Comparative Study of U.S. and U.K. Frigate Design," by Larrie D. Ferreiro and Mark H. Stonehouse.

East Ballroom Noon—President's Luncheon in the East Ballroom, with a reception in the East Ballroom Foyer.

2 p.m.—Business Session in the East Ballroom.

Trianon Ballroom 2:30 p.m.—"Theoretical Analysis of Generalized Hydrodynamic Interaction Forces on Ships in Shallow Channels," by P. Kaplan and K. Sankaranarayanan.

3:45 p.m.—"Classification of Ships by their Maneuvering Chara c t e r i s t i c s , " by and David R.

Dell wo.

Mercury Ballroom 2:30 p.m.—"Icebreaker Performance Prediction," by Arno Keinonen, Robin P. Browne, Colin R. Revill, and Ian M. Bayly.

3:45 p.m.—"Tension Leg Platforms— Progress and Prospects," by J.A. Mercier, N.D. Birrell, J.C.

Chivvis, and A.F. Hunter.

Friday, November 15 Trianon Ballroom 8:15 a.m.—"Simulation of the Dynamics of a Ship Maneuvering in Waves," by Peter Ottosson and Lennart Bystrom.

9:30 a.m.—"A Nonlinear Numerical Method for Transient Wave/Hull Problems on Arbitrary Vessels," by Brian Maskew.

10:45 a.m.—"A Theoretical and Numerical Model of Ship Motions in Heavy Seas," by Jacek S.

Pawlowski and Don W. Bass.

Mercury Ballroom 8:15 a.m.—"Design and Construction of a Floating Accommodation F a c i l i t y for Aircraft Carrier Refueling and Overhaul," by Will i am A. Fox and Richard J.


9:30 a.m.—"Design Curves for Specially Orthotropic Laminated Plates Under Combined In-Plane Loading," by N.G. Tsouvalis and V.J. Papazoglou.

10:45 a.m.—"Coupled Axial and Torsional Vibration Calculations on Long-Stroke Diesel Engines," by Stig Baungaard Jakobsen.

Trianon Ballroom 2 p.m.—"The Inadequacies of the Current Approach to Minimizing Oil Outflow from Damaged Tankers— A Proposed Alternative," by Jeremy Hook.

Grand Ballroom 7:30 p.m.—Annual banquet.

ABB TURBOCHARGER Circle 111 on Reader Service Card ABB Turbocharger Co. will display exhaust gas turbochargers at Booths 186-187.

ABS Circle 123 on Reader Service Card At Booth 363, American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) will display its classification and certification services. Located worldwide through 154 exclusive offices, ABS is one of the world's leading classification societies, providing impartial marine technical services for ships and other marine structures.

ALLIED MARINE CRANE Circle 122 on Reader Service Card Allied Marine Crane, a division of Allied Systems Company, will exhibit at Booth 211. Allied Marine Crane designs, manufactures, and distributes a product line of fully hydraulic marine cranes, including double tapered box boom, telescopic boom and knuckle boom in capacities from 6 to 75 tons. These cranes are designed for applications in salt-laden atmosphere such as offshore drilling rigs, production platforms and work boats. Other products furnished to the marine industry are diesel, hydraulic and electrohydraulic power packages and single point suspension davits for RIB boats.

AMERICAN UNITED MARINE Circle 124 on Reader Service Card American United Marine Corporation provides a comprehensive range of marketing, sales, engineering and technical services to foreign and domestic manufacturers of engineered products and systems in the marine, energy and management/ conservation markets. A few of the companies represented by AUMC include Mar Tec Marine, Tanksystem S.A., A/S Vesta and Skarpenord a.s. The company will display at Booths 114-117.

ANSCHUETZ Circle 149 on Reader Service Card Anschuetz integrated bridge system including the new Nautoplot charting table will be on display at Booths 127 and 128. Anschuetz Gyrocompasses, autopilot and steering controls, Frydenbo rotary vane steering gear, Kockumation planned maintenance and spare parts control system, Kockumation Loadmaster, computer for loading and stability calculations and Lista spare parts cabinets for storage space will also be exhibited.

APPLETON MARINE Circle 137 on Reader Service Card Appleton Marine Inc. will displaying at Booth 408 its complete line of deck machinery including cranes, winches, windlasses, capstans, and UNREP equipment for military, offshore, and commercial applications. Marine cranes are available in capacitiesfrom 4,000 pounds to 200,000 pounds in box, telescoping, knuckle, and foldable boom models. Detailed specifications and data will be available.

APOLLO Circle 107 on Reader Service Card Apollo International (New York) and Apollo Maritime (Houston) service the domestic and international marine markets with cargo hoses, tank cleaning machines, ventilating fans, expansion joints and packings. The companies have full service facilities in New York and Houston and provide sales and technical assistance, repair and testing capabilities and recertification. They will display at Booths 354-356.

ATLANTIC MARINE Circle 112 on Reader Service Card Atlantic Marine, Inc. has facilities in both Jacksonville, Fla., and Mobile, Ala. The Jacksonville area shipyards, Atlantic Marine and Atlantic Dry Dock, have capabilities to build vessels up to 350 feet and dock vessels to 4,000 tons. Mobile's shipyards, Atlantic Marine and Alabama Shipyards, accomplish vessel repairs and conversions with drydocks to 40,000 long tons lifting capacity and build all size of inland and oceangoing vessels, offshore drilling rigs and heavy fabrication for industrial uses. The firm will exhibit at Booth 390.

BEAIRD Circle 118 on Reader Service Card Beaird Industries, Inc., MAXIM Evaporator Products will display at Booth 100. MAXIM heat recovery evaporators, custom built heat exchangers, demineralizers, condensers and silencers will be exhibited. Emphasis will be on standard evaporator designs, capability to design and manufacture custom equipment and experience with multi-effect evaporators. Information will be available on total in-house capability relating to fabrication of pressure vessels and other structures, as well as machine shop capability.

BFI SHIPBOARD WASTE SERVICES Circle 171 on Reader Service Card BFI Shipboard Waste Services, at Booth 17, will display information on its services. Working within the USDA and USCG guidelines, BFI was involved in the development of the currently approved MARPOL Annex V disposal procedures. From a single box up to tonnage volumes, BFI has the program and permits in place to handle shipboard disposal problems.

CATERPILLAR Circle 133 on Reader Service Card Computer aided design will be featured at Caterpillar's display at Booth 185. Marine Power System (MPS) software is available to assist propulsion system selection including engine(s), gear(s), propeller(s), with complete vessel and system analysis. AutoCAD drawing files are available for all Cat engines. Technical Marketing Information (TMI) is an online system Cat Dealers can access to source the technical information a customer requires. Caterpillar supplies the worldwide marine industry with diesel and heavy fuel engines and power systems from 70 to 7,300 hp and 50 to 5,500 electrical kw.

CENTRICO Circle 155 on Reader Service Card Centrico, Inc., at Booth 133, will display its stateof- the-art fuel oil and lube oil purification systems.

On exhibit will be a Westfalia automatic centrifuge with electronic timing unit.

COASTDESIGN Circle 134 on Reader Service Card Coastdesign Inc. is a Canada-based publisher/ developer of sophisticated and high-tech software for naval architects, shipyards and vessel operators.

Its hull design program AutoSHIP has been in the market for the last six years and is currently one of the top-selling PC-based hull definition programs. The firm will exhibit at 138B.

CTI INDUSTRIES Circle 135 on Reader Service Card At Booth 176, CTI Industries, Inc., will exhibit information on its condenser/hear exchanger restoration services; using metal alloy inserts and a patented installation procedure, CTI can save up to 80 percent of the cost of retubing. CTI Specialty Coatings services includes corrosion protection, high temperature and cavitation resistant coatings used in stacks, IG systems, rudders and struts.


Circle 165 on Reader Service Card At Booth 402, Deansteel Manufacturing Co. Inc., will display a cutaway sample of its U.S. Coast Guard-approved A-60 joiner door and frame unit.

They will also display joiner trim systems, marine berths and furniture. Current literature and specifications will be available.

DEUTSCH METAL COMPONENTS Circle 191 on Reader Service Card Deutsch Metal Components, at Booths 158-159, will feature the Pyplok Swage marine fitting system which is a cold work method of joining pressure metal piping. Approved for use by the U.S. Navy, ABS, USCG and other marine agencies worldwide.

ENVIROVAC Circle 119 on Reader Service Card Envirovac Inc. is the leading manufacturer of EVAC vacuum sewage collection systems for the marine industry. Maximum flushing water consumption is three pints per flush. Small diameter piping can be used with non-sloping lines, vertical lift capabilities can be applied. Also manufacturer of the ORCA line of MSDs for vessels which carry 12-500 passengers. The ORCA is compact, lightweight, easy to install and maintain, and is microprocessor- controlled and USCG and IMO approved. The firm will display at Booths 200 and 202.

EXXON COMPANY INTERNATIONAL Circle 163 on Reader Service Card At Booth 139, Salesmen and technical advisers will be available to answer commercial and technical questions regarding Exxon's successful line of marine lubricants, Exxmar, which were developed for marine crosshead and trunk piston diesel engines. Information regarding other premium quality marine products, as well as the Exxcare and Exxcare Plus oil analysis systems will also be available.

Exxcare Plus is an extension of Exxcare and monitors wear metals besides providing normal analysis and trend reporting. The system was designed to assist operators and ship engineers with efficient care of Exxon lubricants in service and to check wear possibilities of various shipboard equipment.

FIBERGRATE Circle 136 on Reader Service Card At Booth 360, Fibergrate Corporation will display information on its corrosion resistant structural materials such as grating handrail, ladders, structural members and stairtreads. Products are manufactured from lightweight, durable structural fiberglass. Products require no maintenance, according to the company, and carry Class I Flame Spread Resistance.

FRANK MOHN HOUSTON Circle 109 on Reader Service Card At Booth 143, Frank Mohn Houston, Inc., will display environmentally safe submerged cargo pumps for oil/product/chemical carriers, oil spill recovery equipment and emergency offloading equipment.

FURUNO USA Circle 114 on Reader Service At Booth 392, Furuno USA will display its latest ARPA radar, radar, and navigation and communication equipment for commercial vessels.

GERARD TECHNOLOGY Circle 108 on Reader Service Card Gerard Technology Associates is a manufacturer's representative. Some of the products repre- sented by GTA include Golar Marine Incinerators, Golar Eductors, Custom-Pac 2000 Marine Compactors, Marine Aluminum Helideck, Marine Aluminum Accommodation Ladders, Norsafe Lifeboats, Safety Windows, Wagner Steering Gear and Moland Automation Monitoring Systems. They will display at Booths 178-180.

HENSCHEL Circle 104 on Reader Service Card At Booths 118 and 119, Henschel Inc. will exhibit ship control and automation equipment. The firm has been a leader in marine controls and monitoring for over 75 years. Henschel designs, manufactures and distributes maneuvering systems, remote controls, temperature monitoring and control, machinery automation, cargo and ballast systems and alarm and monitoring systems. The system can be independent or fully integrated.

IN-PLACE MACHINING Circle 121 on Reader Service Card In-Place Machining Company will display at Booth 122. The company performs ship repairs in port or at sea. They specialize in straightening crankshafts, refurbishing crankpins and main journals without rotating the shaft, "R-Stamp" Certified welding, optical alignment and MetalStitch. The Circle 339 on Reader Service Card company also provides complete in-place machining services such as milling, boring, drilling, etc.

INVENTORY LOCATOR SERVICE Circle 160 on Reader Service Card At Booth 147, Inventory Locator Service, Inc., will display information on its 24-hour inventory locating service. The service lets suppliers list inventory— buyers see who has the part, quantity, condition, etc., and can contact the seller directly.

L.C. DOANE Circle 130 on Reader Service Card The L.C. Doane Company will exhibit at Booth 320.

The company offers fluorescent lighting fixtures (1/ A/W Mil-F-16377) and visual landing aids (l/A/W NAEC specifications), and UL595 marine lighting for desks, mirrors, berths and overhead general lighting, UL1570 low voltage and emergency fluorescent lighting. Applications include U.S. Navy ships, tugs, barges, tankers, fishing boats, luxury yachts and also confinement and high abuse applications.

LEISTRITZ Circle 147 on Reader Service Card Leistritz Corporation will display information on its lube oil, fuel oil pumps for engine room service, cargo pumps, stripping pumps for viscous products like asphalt, #6, molasses, etc. The company will exhibit at Booth 162.

LENAPE FORGE Circle 156 on Reader Service Card At Booth 105, Lenape Forge Inc. will exhibit ferrous and non-ferrous machined and tested forgings for naval and commercial ships. Afull range of nondestructive testing facilities heat treating and machining capabilities are offered by Lenape Forge.

LTC INTERNATIONAL Circle 152 on Reader Service Card LTC International manufactures a complete line of portable, dust-free vacuum blasting machines.

The company will exhibit at Booth 406.

MACKAY COMMUNICATIONS Circle 189 on Reader Service Card Mackay Communications Inc. will display at Booths 149 and 150. Mackay Communications are leaders in sales/service marine electronic navigation/ communication products. Mackay's GMDSS radio products will be introduced. They will also display ARPA/radarwith interfacing to laserplot/nav/chart system, as well as the Standard A and Standard C satellite terminals.

MAN B&W DIESEL Circle 169 on Reader Service Card At Booth 124, MAN B&W Diesel, Inc. will promote their revised two stroke MC program as well as their new generation of large bore medium speed engines. Also promoted will be MAN B&W Holeby generator sets. MAN B&W Diesel has a complete program of marine engines ranging from 450 to 51,840 kw.

MARCON ENGINEERING Circle 151 on Reader Service Card At Booth 110, Marcon Engineering International will display non-ferrous aluminum brass, CNI tube and fittings available in metric and imperial inch or a combination of both custom fabricated to suit any requirements. The company specializes in heating coil systems, survey, design, drafting, fabrication and installation, as well as repair services.

They also offer Ciba-Geigy wear-resistant products and application services.

MAR TEC MARINE Circle 127 on Reader Service Card Mar Tec Marine, one of the world's foremost manufacturers of onboard fuel/lube oil tests, with over 13,000 vessels fitted worldwide, will be part of the display at Booths 114-117. Mar Tec Marine also produces a full line of lube oil test kits for a number of major oil companies.

MCDERMOTT/BABCOCK & WILCOX Circle 158 on Reader Service Card At Booths 151-152, McDermott/Babcock&Wilcox will exhibit material on a SWATH ship, shipyard accommodation barge, hopper barge, navigation and container barges, split hull dredge and passenger/ vehicle ferry.

MMC INTERNATIONAL Circle 164 on Reader Service Card At Booths 407 and 408, MMC International Corp.

will have an exhibit focusing on closed and restricted hand gauging (electronic) tapes, vapor control valves, C-L couplings, C-L covers and closures, samplers and sampling tapes, draft indicators, lube oil clarifier-coalescers, hi-level and overflow alarms and oxygen analyzer tapes.

MMS Circle 110 on Reader Service Card Marine Management Systems, Inc. (MMS) will exhibit at Booths 142-144. PC-based information management systems include: equipment maintenance, vessel performance, consumables requisitioning, spare parts inventory control, communications and administration. MMS, Inc. is introducing the new MMS/COMSAT Maritime Workstation Manager, an advanced satellite-delivered ship management system that provides affordable and superior quality satellite communication capabilities (developed through MMS' affiliation with COMSAT Corporation).

MOBILE TELESYSTEMS Circle 157 on Reader Service Card Mobile Telesystems, Inc., at Booth 358, will display literature on its Inmarsat-A Maritime Satellite Communications (Satcom) systems. The satcom provides direct interconnection with the international telephone and telex network via satellite from around the world. The standard telephone line connection makes facsimile, computer data, still video or voice transmission as "easy as picking up the phone." NAUTICAN ENTERPRISES Circle 106 on Reader Service Card Along with Nautican Hi Tee Nozzles and Propel- lers, Nautican Enterprises will be displaying its Propeller Design Program at Booth 374. A simple program will show which propeller will be most efficient for a given HP/RPM up to a complete design program that will make drawings and also give offsets for manufacturing propellers and patterns to make the propellers.

NEW YORK SHIPYARD Circle 154 on Reader Service Card New York Shipyard Corp. will exhibit at Booth 65.

The company offers drydocking, ship repair and conversions. Industrial machine shop ABS-approved tailshaft repairs.

NON-FERROUS BOLT Circle 167 on Reader Service Card Non-Ferrous Bolt & Mfg. Co. is a producer of stainless steel and exotic fasteners. The company will be displaying at Booth 160 fasteners in a variety of configurations and materials. In addition to familiarity with other military and commercial standards, Non-Ferrous is a Level 1 accepted manufacturer of domestic fasteners.

OMNITHRUSTER Circle 166 on Reader Service Card Omnithruster will display literature on its marine maneuvering, propulsion and ice management systems at Booth 100.

PARMATIC FILTER Circle 150 on Reader Service Card At Booth 365, Parmatic Filter Corp. will display its oily water separator, Elinca Anti-Biofouling Anode, marine vacuum system, oil content meters and demineralizer system.

PERMEA MARITIME PROTECTION Circle 132 on Reader Service Card Permea Maritime Protection will display at Booth 117 their Prism Alpha Membrane Nitrogen Systems, Permea, PSN Nitrogen Systems, Prism Hydrogen Recovery Systems, and Inert Gas Systems (Combustion).

RAYTHEON MARINE COMPANY Circle 131 on Reader Service Card Raytheon Marine Company manufactures and distributes, via an extensive world-wide service network, a complete line of navigation and communication equipment to the commercial fishing, yachting and merchant markets. Products include: radars, ARPA, depth sounders, plotters, SSB, SATCOM, Loran-C, GPS, EM logs, gyrocompasses, autopilots, integrated bridge systems, navtex, EPIRB, and other GMDSS products. They will be at Booth 307.

M. ROSENBLATT & SON Circle 162 on Reader Service Card The M. Rosenblatt & Son, Inc., display will highlight the diversity of talent and depth of experience the company brings to the art and science of ship design. Models and photographs of recent commissions illustrate some of the latest company designs. M. Rosenblatt & Son is recognized as a leader in naval architecture, marine engineering and management services.

SAAB TANK CONTROL Circle 190 on Reader Service Card At Booths 205-207, Saab Tank Control will exhibit a radar level gauging and cargo handling system.

Also a full line of fixed tank cleaning machines for crude, product and chemical tankers will be on display.

SIEMENS ELECTRIC Circle 129 on Reader Service Card Engineering specialists in marine applications will be presenting Siemens Electric Limited at Booths 129-130 as a single system vendor for North America's fleet.

SKARPENORD Circle 126 on Reader Service Card Skarpenord a.s., manufacturers of USCG-approved closed level gauging systems featuring unique pressure transducer with built-in temperature element and a complete line of hydraulic/electric hydraulic remote control systems, will be part of display at Booths 114-117.

SOLIDUR PLASTICS Circle 159 on Reader Service Card At Booth 305, Solidur Plastics Co. will display Ultra-High Molecular Polyethylene fenders, rub strips, and wear parts. Enhanced grades are available. All grades offer excellent abrasion and impact resistance. Low coefficient of friction and no water absorption.

STAGEAWAY Circle 170 on Reader Service Card Stageaway, a division of Stage/Blast Inc., Portland, Ore., provides repair and inspection services with a unique staging system that can be used on bulk carriers and oil tankers even while underway.

The system allows owners access to all tank/ cargo areas in complete safety. Stageaway provides a complete condition report acceptable to all regulatory and insurance companies. They will display at Booth 166.

TANKSYSTEM Circle 128 on Reader Service Card Tanksystem s.a., manufacturers and designers of the unique hermetic ullage interface temperature detection and full line of hermetic equipment, will be participating in the display at Booths 114-117.

Dry tank detection, inert gas pressure/vacuum detection, multi-level cargo sampling, tank overpressure alarm and part flow system are some of the company's products. Flow meter installations on over 1,000 vessels to date.

TENFJORD/CUNNINGHAM MARINE/ MARSERV Circle 161 on Reader Service Card At Booth 132, Tenfjord/Cunningham Marine/ Marservwill display literature on Tenfjord hydraulic systems including rotary piston steering gears.

Marine consulting services include damage surveys, supervision of construction and repair, claim analysis, estimating, project planning and specification preparation. Hydraulic systems, engineering service and repairs worldwide; variable displacement hydraulic pump manufacturer, sales and service; and hydraulic equipment distributor.

THRUSTMASTER Circle 115 on Reader Service Card Thrustmaster, who will exhibit at Booth 382, manufactures auxiliary and primary propulsion systems for the marine industry. Steerable thrusters for severe, shallow-water service are Thrustmaster's main products, 360 degree steering and superior hydraulic transmissions are the answers to shallow water problems. Z-Drives, outboards, compass thrusters, tunnel thrusters and custom configurations are also available.

TIMBERLAND EQUIPMENT Circle 103 on Reader Service Card At Booth 314, Timberland Equipment Limited will display linear traction winches for deployment of fiber-optic or electric cables, anchor-mooring, and specially designed material handling equipment.

TTS Circle 105 on Reader Service Card Total Transportation Systems (TTS) is a group of international engineering companies which specializes in shipbuilding technology. TTS delivers material handling and production systems for many applications—from processing raw materials to launching of complete ships. At this year's exposition at Booth 179, TTS will focus on how to double dock capacity by using the Docklift System in combination with the DWB System (Dual Walking Beams) or Skidding System.

UE SYSTEMS Circle 113 on Reader Service Card At Booth 120, UE Systems, Inc. will display its Ultraprobe 2000. The device senses ultrasounds emitted by all types of leaks and mechanical operations. It locates pressure/vacuum leaks in pneumatic systems, LNG, LPG, steam lines and traps, valves, heat exchangers and condensers; tests water tightness integrity in hatches and bulkheads; monitors bearings, compressors, pumps, motors and diesel injectors.

VESON Circle 153 on Reader Service Card Veson Inc., New York, N.Y., has served the international maritime community for more than 12 years, delivering hundreds of computer systems to companies around the world. Veson has created modular software packages for the shipping office covering all its functions. When the packages are integrated they form the Integrated Maritime Office Systems (IMOS 2000). The company will display at Booth 91.

VESTA Circle 125 on Reader Service Card A/S Vesta is a manufacturer and supplier of a full line of solid waste/sludge oil incinerators, with over 1,800 installations to date on both new and existing ships. Vesta incinerators meet all classification and regulatory requirements and MARPOL Annex V regulations. A/S Vesta manufactures and distributes shell and tube heat exchangers and electric heaters worldwide. Part of the display at Booths 114-117.

WALPORT Circle 148 on Reader Service Card At Booths 206 and 208, Walport USA will display information on its video services. The company provides ships at sea full-length feature video movies, a full complement of safety and training videos and is introducing instant "News of the World" delivered by satellite to the ship.

WARTSILA DIESEL Circle 117 on Reader Service Card Wartsila Diesel, Inc. will be displaying the Vasa Series of medium-speed diesel engines suitable for both propulsion and electrical generation. These engines have an output of between 700 and 22,000 bhp and are suitable for operation on heavy fuel oils. In addition to the engines, Wartsila Diesel can offer a complete propulsion package including reduction gears and CP propellers. They will display at Booth 210.

WARTSILA MARINE Circle 116 on Reader Service Card At Booth 401, Wartsila Marine, Inc., will display its naval architecture design services, offshore and ice engineering services, air-bubbler systems for Circle 292 on Reader Service Card icebreakers, naval architecture software including NAVCAD, ShipCAM, and Fastship.

WAUKESHA BEARINGS Circle 168 on Reader Service Card At Booths 101 and 102, Waukesha Bearings Corp.

will have on exhibit: tank protection devices including High Velocity Pressure/Vacuum valves; spill valves; water excluding vent check valves; gas freeing covers; disc lubricated line shaft bearings; net and line cutter for large propellers; and information on propeller securing collars, thrust bearings, journal bearings and stern tube bearings.

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