Trimble Navigation Selects Tru-Chart Electronic Charts On CD-ROM

Since January of this year, Maptech, Inc. has supplied nautical chart CD-ROM discs for the popular NavGraphic II GPS/LORAN Electronic Charting System. The NavGraphic II is manufactured by Trimble Navigation, Ltd. of Sunnyvale, Calif.

The NavGraphic II is a fully selfcontained Loran-C/GPS navigation system which incorporates a highresolution, flat panel screen.

Waypoints, vessel track and other graphic data including the vessel's current position, heading and speed are displayed by the NavGraphic II against a backdrop of Maptech's high-quality Tru-Chart electronic charts.

Tru-Chart electronic charts are accurately calibrated, full-color, fulldetail replicas of actual NOAA, DMA and other government navigation charts. The most recently released government charts are optically scanned by Maptech's Ventura, Calif., scanning dpeartment and mastered onto CD-ROM optical storage discs (similar to audio compact discs).

The name Tru-Chart was chosen for these unique full-color electronic charts because, according to Maptech's technical sales adminis- trator Henry Nicolle: "... they are true and faithful representations of the actual paper chart. Every detail of the cchart is preserved and displayed.

That includes every depth contour, every depth sounding, buoy, wreck, coastal and land contour feature— essentially everything that's printed on the paper chart." The Maptech scanning department uses the most current state-ofthe- art precision scanning and recording equipment to generate the new CD-ROM chart discs in demand by the marine industry.

Each Tru-Chart CD-ROM disc contains the equivalent of at least 30 paper charts and includes all insets (such as harbors, rivers and islands). The scales of these charts exactly match those of the equivalent paper charts.

The most important feature is the completeness of the Tru-Chart electronic chart database. Virtually every paper chart of a given geographical area is included on each CD-ROM disc.

Each CD-ROM chart disc will be periodically updated.

Maptech, Inc. publishes a catalog that lists all of the charts and insets on each of its Tru-Chart CD-ROM discs. This chart catalog is available at no cost.

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