Variable Draft SWATH DSV To Be Constructed

BSM Joint Venture of Houston, Texas announced the contract signing between its client, Global Industries, Ltd. of Lafayette, La. and Aker Gulf Marine of Ingleside, Texas, for construction of a variable draft SWATH Diving Support Vessel (DSV) designed by BSM Joint Venture. The vessel is 200 ft. (61m) long and 87 ft. (26.5 m) wide.

Global plans to accept delivery of the SWATH DSV in 1995. The Global SWATH DSV is expected to operate in the Gulf of Mexico in support of offshore oil exploration and production projects. Special project opportunities for the Global SWATH DSV are also anticipated in the international arena.

Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull (SWATH) vessels consist of two submerged hulls, each surmounted by a pair of slender surface piercing vertical struts which are connected to the superstructure. The primary effect of the SWATH hull form is drastically-reduced motion response in rough sea conditions. The BSM SWATH is designed to perform useful offshore operations in wave conditions as high as Sea State 6. It reportedly will safely and comfortably ride out storms of greater severity.

These capabilities exceed virtually all conditions that can occur in the Gulf of Mexico and will enable unrestricted operations throughout the winter.

The variable draft feature of the BSM SWATH design provides a high degree of operating flexibility.

The shallowest draft is well within usual harbor limits and gives the lower hulls a slight freeboard, allowing for maximum transit speeds in low to moderate sea conditions.

At deeper drafts, the vessel provides for transit in heavy weather and for minimum vessel motion when holding station or underway.

The vessel will have a diesel electric CP system with three 930-kW diesel engine generators in the upper hull and four 800-hp azimuthing thrusters in the pontoons. The vessel has two heavy lift cranes, a large stern A-frame and will accommodate 53 persons.

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