The New Wartsila 46F

Wartsila 46F is the latest in the marine engine series launched in 1987.

Though visually similar to the original Wartsila 46, with similar bore and stroke, the Wartsila 46F is a new engine with the latest technology applied to all major components, including common rail injection and scaleable embedded control, for high performance and record-low exhaust emissions, regardless of fuel quality.

The new engine initially covers the output range from 7,500 to 11,250 kW at 600 rpm in 6-, 7-, 8- and 9-cylinder inline configurations.

The higher (1,250 kW cylinder) output of the Wartsila 46F compared to the original Vasa 46 has been achieved by increasing engine speed instead of mean effective pressure. In full-load operation, early closure of the inlet valves makes it possible to use a low effective compression ratio, resulting in a workcycle characterized by low combustion air temperature, which is designed to keep the rate of NOx formation low.

In keeping with tradition, the Wartsila 46F has modular built-on systems and features such as lubricating oil module with oil cooler and filter, crankshaft driven lubricating oil pump and cooling water pumps, and thermostatic valves.

Besides minimizing installation cost, built-on modules are the key to the engine's compact design; the new Wartsila 46F has the same outer dimen- sions as the Vasa 46 despite its consider ably higher power output.

The Wartsila 46F enters the market as the first engine to have continuous temperature monitoring of the big end bearings as standard. This patented feature, in addition to main bearing temperature monitoring and exhaust gas temperature monitoring, is designed to provide a complete set of reliable real-time data to monitor the engine performance in all its crucial areas.

The monitoring system on the Wartsila 46F is configured for seamless hook-up to Wartsila's CBM system, a data analysis and condition evaluation service that Wartsila provides for its customers. The CBM service advises operators on how to perform engine fine-tuning in varying operational conditions and allows owners to get the maximum service lifetime between overhauls. Common rail (CR) technology, standard on the Wartsila 46F, offers almost unlimited possibilities to adjust the fuel injection process to prevailing engine operating conditions, fuel characteristics and local emission requirements.

The Wartsila 46F is also available with more conventional fuel injection equipment.

In this case the injection equipment is based on injection pumps of the double plunger type that have been used with good experience on Wartsila 64 engines.

Another unique benefit of the CR system is the engine's ability to adapt to changes in fuel quality.

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