Stow Announces New Torque Limiting Clutch For Valve Operators

Stow Manufacturing Co. has announced a new breakthrough in torque protection for nuclear power and other service valves.

This new clutch has no pressure plates or other friction devices to go out of calibration or tolerance.

It utilizes a unique series of ball and spring detents to achieve preset torque values. It has usable range, zero to 1,000 lb. inches, and is variable in 100 lb. increments by simply turning the Allen head adjustment screws, one complete turn. It is accurate to within 3-percent full range, and does not require lubrication or maintenance.

It is small, lightweight and compact, measuring approximately 3 inches in diameter and 3 inches long. It is equipped with a positive override device which is engaged by pressing in on the spring loaded handwheel while opening or closing the valve. The override system is heavily spring loaded to prevent accidental engagement of the override feature.

The new clutch interchanges freely among the new line of Stow wall sleeves. It can be removed from service or added to an existing assembly without major rework or downtime.

For further information on the new clutch and other products for nuclear valve control, write to Thom Holland, Stow Manufactur- Co., 86 Bump Road, Binghamton, N.Y. 13902.

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