NOAA Shows Distances Between 700 U.S. Ports And The Time It Takes

Do you know how far it is from Boston, Mass., to Anchorage, Alaska? As the crow flies, it's approximately 2,925 nautical miles.

By ship, via the Panama Canal, the distance is 7,312 miles.

The 1978 edition of "Distances between United States Ports" gives the nautical distances between 700 U.S. ports, and much more, says the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

For example, how long would it take to go by ship from Boston to Anchorage ? The publication includes a table which enables you to estimate the time it takes to travel so many nautical miles at varying speeds. Thus, a 7,312- mile trip would take 38 days and 2 hours at 8 knots, but only 15 days and 6 hours at 20 knots. In addition, there's another table which converts nautical miles to statute miles.

Issued by NOAA's National Ocean Survey, the pamphlet includes distances for the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River System. A chart showing junction points and references to the tables is also provided to facilitate use of the pamphlet.

Worldwide distances between ports can be estimated by using the pamphlet in conjunction with the Defense Mapping Agency Hydrographic Center publication of foreign port distances, titled H.O.

Publication 151.

"Distances between U.S. Ports" may be purchased for $1.75 from the National Ocean Survey, Distribution Division (C44), Riverdale, Md. 20840. Mail orders sent to National Ocean Survey must be accompanied by check or money order payable to NOS, Department of Commerce.

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