MMC Unveils A Versatile New Portable Sonic Tank Gauging Tape For Inventory Control

Vital tank gauging information essential to accurate liquid inventory control is the primary purpose of the new MMC Portable ' Sonic INTERFACE Tape. This versatile, precision instrument combines ullage and interface measurements in one simple operation.

It also serves as an accurate calibration check for remote readout systems and as a preset high-level alarm in preventing overflow spillage during tank-loading operations.

The MMC Sonic INTERFACE Tape is a lightweight, hand-held, battery-driven device that requires no external power source. It is solid state throughout, and certified as intrinsically safe by Factory Mutual and BASEEFA. The unit consists of a stainlesssteel, dual-purpose ullage / interface sonic probe suspended from a white-face, steel tape, and a special reel housing for the penlight battery and high-intensity beeper. It requires no correction or compensation for specific gravity of the liquid being monitored, and eliminates the use of floats or chalk in gauging fluid levels.

Readings taken at tank-top from the highly visible, calibrated, white-face tape are accurate to ± 1/8 inch, while affording maximum protection to the operator from gas fumes during inerted tank measurement.

In use, the probe is lowered through the tank gauging port until a continuous audio beeper signal in the reel hub indicates it has reached ullage level. The tape reading is noted at a datum point. The probe is then lowered further, through the cargo, until a pulsating beeper signals the water interface level. Again, the tape is read. A simple subtraction of one reading from the other determines the cargo envelope.

Tape lengths up to 100 feet are available and may be ordered in metric or inch graduations.

Each tape unit is supplied with a reinforced wooden carrying case for easy portability.

Further details may be obtained by writing to Charles S. Schmukler, Marine Moisture Control Company, Inc., 449 Sheridan Boulevard, Inwood, N.Y. 11696.

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