VU-GAGE Safeguards Crew From Chemical And Petroleum Fumes

VU-GAGE is a system designed to safeguard tanker and barge crew members from exposure to chemical and petroleum fumes, and to enable vessels to meet present and pending regulations concerning the emission of such fumes.

The system consists of replacement covers for tank washing and ullage openings, a segmented dipstick, and an optional gas dispersal nozzle for vessels not fitted with Class A vent systems. The dipstick, mounted directly below the viewing window, is angled for maximum readability from the deck. Loading can be monitored through the deck openings, as before, without exposing crew members to dangerous concentrations of toxic chemical and petroleum fumes.

Early versions of the VUGAGE covers were fitted with windows that f l i p p e d over for cleaning. An improved model has been developed that permits the underside of the viewing window to be cleaned at any time — even during loading operations — with no venting of fumes. The new model incorporates a manuallyoperated viton wiper blade on the underside of the completely sealed window.

Shipboard tests aboard a VU- GAGE-fitted vessel as it loaded gasoline showed that personnel were exposed to less than one part per million of benzene during the entire loading sequence.

The system has been accepted by the U.S. Coast Guard, and is being used by a growing number of major tanker and barge fleet operators.

The VU-GAGE system performs a doubly important function aboard vessels with inert gas systems. Open loading on such vessels not only exposes crewmen to sulfur-laden fumes, but also compromises the safety objectives of the inerting system by releasing gas pressure from the tanks.

The unbreakable, scratch-resistant VU-GAGE windows are fitted with screw-down covers to protect them when not being used.

VU-GAGE units are available to replace either studded or quickacting tank washing and ullage opening covers. They are fabricated in brass for conventional service, and in stainless steel for installation aboard chemical ships and barges.

I n f o r m a t i o n and literature about the complete VU-GAGE line, which includes a bottom water sampler and ullaging system for closed loading installations, is available by writing to J.P. Jones, VU-GAGE Systems, Dept. MR, Room 910, 150 East 42nd Street, New York, N.Y. 10017

Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 32,  Oct 1980

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