New Small Probes Expand Use Of Thickness G a g e - Literature Available

Krautkramer-Branson has expanded the capability of its DM2 ultrasonic thickness gage with a selection of new, small probes.

The DM2 is already well-known for its reliability in measuring wall thickness on corroded or eroded pipes and vessels, its penetrating power in castings, and its stable thickness readings at high temperatures. Four new 14- inch probes now extend application of the DM2 to include measurement of wall t h i c k n e s s on small-diameter tubing and studded boiler tubes, as well as other limited-access inspections.

The new additions to the DM2 system include fingertip as well as extended housing designs. The KB-550-FH is a fingertip probe for ambient-temperature testing on rough and uneven surfaces over a wall-thickness range of 0.05 to 2.0 inches. Similar specifications are offered by the KB- 550-BTH, except that its extended housing provides easier access to obstructed test surfaces such as studded boiler tubes.

The KB-560-FL is a fingertip probe for use on clean, very smooth surfaces such as new fabrications.

Thickness range is 0.06 to 2.0 inches. Identical performance is offered by the KB-560- BTL, except that its extended housing can reach limited access surfaces.

A removable bell housing is available for use with all the new small probes, for testing on surfaces where access is not limited.

For free literature or more information on the DM2, write to George Quinn, Dept. MR, Krautkramer- Branson, Inc., 250 Long Beach Boulevard, Stratford, Conn.


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