Racal-Decca Introduces New ARPA Radar System At Whitehall Club Reception

Racal-Decca Marine, Inc. recently introduced their new, allweather ARPA (Automatic Radar Plotting Aid) Radar System at the Whitehall Club in New York. Over 100 shipowners and other members of the maritime community attended the introduction which featured operational demonstrations of the DArpa System.

The new ARPA Radar System is designed to provide the mariner with a first-class, easy-tooperate, automatic aid to safe navigation under the most adverse conditions of weather, traffic density and rapid situation changes.

The D-Arpa offers four clear reasons for outstanding performance and dependability: (1) Automatic All-Weather Clutter Control— The data extraction system has its own independent form of the Racal-Decca Clearscan video processing, which automatically and adaptively provides clutter and interference-free input for the tracking system. (2) Gain Optimized for Each Target—Separately optimized gain for each tracked target maximizes track- Two adjustable skegs will be provided to maintain directional stability under towing conditions.

Attending the ceremony were the owners and their representative, representatives of the American Bureau of Shipping, and U.S.

Coast Guard and Bay Shipbuilding Corp. management personnel.

ing accuracy and integrity for all targets at all ranges, regardless of operator gain control settings.

(3) Accurate Continuous Tracking •— The storage of position and velocity of tracked targets in the true-motion mode provides accurate and continuous target information during and after your own ship's maneuvers.

Less advanced Arpa systems "free-wheel" their tracks until they can establish new relative v e l o c i t i e s f o r each target. (4) Track Change Warning—Unique to the Racal-Decca target tracker is its ability to provide smooth, stable vectors in an unchanging situation, yet quickly detect and provide rapid warning of changes in target speed and/or course.

The Racal-Decca ARPA is a complete radar display designed for use as a master or slave unit with Racal-Decca Clearscan radars.

It meets, or exceeds all IMCO and U.S. Coast Guard requirements.

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