Reel-O-Matic Modifies Standard Product For Special Application

Reel-O-Matic Systems, Inc. of Wrightsville, Pa., has recently been contracted to modify one of its standard line of products for shipboard use—an application that required some very special attention. The customer had a requirement to take-up and measure wire cable onto a metal reel in a winding operation. The machine is designed to be bolted to the deck of an oceangoing vessel, hence corrosion resistance was an important consideration.

In order to satisfy these requirements, Reel-O-Matic provided a standard RS/VS II with a special steel fabricated reel. For the winding operation, the l^-hp, variable-speed drive had to be coupled with a clutch. A special jack shaft and mechanical clutch assembly was chosen for accessability and simplicity of operation.

All exposed shafting is constructed of stainless steel, and every bearing is of the sealed type. The motor and control are both totally enclosed units to prevent rust and corrosion on electrical contacts. Chain guards are also sealed to protect chains and sprockets from salt water.

The most challenging area to treat was the chrome shaft on the hydraulic jack. It not only had to be corrosion resistant, but also had to resist the wear from movement.

This was accomplished by dismantling the jack and plating the shaft with a special process called "Metatuff." When all these efforts were completed, the surface was prepared for paint with a special galvanizing primer that was sprayed on as an undercoat.

Over this, Reel-O-Matic applied a coat of durable rubberized paint to finalize this process.

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