SeaWave Family Designed for Ease of Use

SeaWave LLC's family of products include voice and data marine communications, weather, tracking and billing.

SeaWave Integrator 3.0 and SeaWave Navigator 2.0, the core of the marine communications suite, include both hardware and Microsoft Windows-based software. Both products use Throughput Technology Software (TTS), which combines a light application interface with superior data compression, stateof- the-art signal processing, auto connect and Automatic Link Establishment (ALE).

SeaWave Navigator 2.0 is an HF/SSBonly product able to obtain transfer rates similar to some satellite systems for a fraction of the cost. The software continuously scans available HF frequencies during periods of inactivity. When a communication task is initiated, the sys- tem automatically tunes the radio to the optimal frequency to route e-mail and download forecast information so it is waiting on a PC, much like a land-based system. Available in any combination of Satellite. Cellular GSM and HF. externally, SeaWave Integrator 3.0 can support Inmarsat B, Fleet 77 & 55. with others slated to be supported shortly.

SeaWave Integrator also employs Least Cost Routing (LCR) technology to automatically find the least expensive means to send and receive data. Ship location, signal quality, available mediums, message size and other factors all play a role in LCR. SeaWave makes it easy to bill for usage, since traffic is measured for each user as it passes through the Integrator. The end result is a consolidated and easy-to-read hotel-style invoice. SeaWave can also reconcile the charges from different satellite carriers into an advanced billing system.

Subscribers can either have a direct billing relationship with SeaWave, or the vessel can cover the cost of the account. Users can sign up for SeaWave service while onboard and underway with little involvement from the ship's key operator. SeaWave is also a launching pad for value added applications such as STAR (Ship Tracking and Reporting). Using STAR software, users may track their vessel or fleet at predetermined time intervals, read reports filed from the ships along with their GPS coordinates and even overlay weather information to impart conditions the captain encountered while at sea. Time slice animations show a ships course and can be compared to an intended course.

STAR is currently available at no charge to all SeaWave customers in mySeaWave, a land based portal providing worldwide access to e-mail, tracking, weather, news and billing information.

mySeaWave also provides users a means to check usage, past invoices, change payment method, passwords, vessel call sign and more. A desktop version of STAR, which includes weather overlay, will be available in the Q4 2003.

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