SMM 2004: Ready for the World

SMM 2004 • 21st International Shipbuilding Fair in Hamburg, September 28 -October 2, 2004 SMM 2004, arguably the largest and most influential gathering of the marine industry in the world, is set to convene again in Hamburg, and according to many indicators, the exhibition should be a larger success than ever.

World shipbuilding figures are hitting record heights in the run-up to the the 21st Shipbuilding, Machinery & Marine Technology, International Trade Fair Hamburg, which is scheduled to be held at the Hamburg Fair site from September 28 to October 2, 2004. According to the statistics of Clarkson Research, the shipyards delivered 1,034 newbuildings worldwide, with a total of 36 million GT and 21.7 million CGT (Compensated Gross Tons.) Asia underscored its position in international shipbuilding, with a total of 16.7 million CGT, equivalent to the total newbuilding tonnage of the previous year.

South Korea's shipbuilding industry completed 229 vessels with 6.9 million CGT. Thus South Korea accounted for 31.8% of world production in 2003, and reaffirmed its leadership a little ahead of Japan, whose yards produced 325 newbuildings with 6.8 million CGT (31.3%).

The duel between these two leaders could soon become a three-way contest, as demonstrated by further growth in China's market share. The shipyards of the People's Republic had an output last year of 142 newbuildings with 2.4 million CGT. a share of 11.1%.

They were followed a long way behind by the Europeans Germany (4.1% CGT market share), Italy (3.7%), France (2.3%) and Spain (1.8%).

Among the newbuildings delivered in 2003, crude oil tankers were in greatest demand, with 159 newbuildings and 13.3 million GT/4.9 million CGT, that is a share of 22.6% measured in CGT. There were 179 containerships with 6.2 million GT/4.4 million CGT, that is 20.3% of CGT tonnage, followed by product/chemicals tankers (3.1 million CGT/14.4%), bulk carriers (3.0 million CGT/13.8%) and passenger ships and ferries (2.0 million CGT/9.2%).

In terms of orders received by shipyards in the past year, Korea increased its lead with 531 newbuilding orders/17.6 million CGT, to a market share of 41.2%.

Japan's shipyards received orders for 526 units with 12.5 million CGT, a share of 29.3%. China moved closer with 352 newbuildings/5.9 million CGT and a market share of 13.8%.

German shipbuilders received orders for 83 ships with 1.5 million CGT (3.5% market share). Taiwan rounds out the Top Five, taking 32 newbuilding orders with 0.9 million CGT (2.1%).

The newbuilding orders are also characterized by an unbroken boom in containerships, which lead the order lists by far with 499 units and 15.7 million CGT (36.8%). They are followed by crude oil tankers (272 ships/7.8 million CGT/18.3%), bulk carriers (377 ships/6.8 million CGT/15.9%) and product/chemicals tankers (353 ships/ 5.0 million CGT/11.7%).

The SMM 2004 in Hamburg is expecting more than 1,400 companies from over 50 nations, and 40,000 trade visitors from all over the world. The SMM 2004 is the premier fair for the world's shipbuilding industry, with a comprehensive range of maritime high-tech. It is the platform for innovations and knowledge transfer in all areas ot the maritime industry.

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