e u t z - M W M Offers Extensive Range Of Diesel Engines To M a r i n e M a r k et

— F r e e L i t e r a t u r e A v a i l a b l e— After their merger two years ago, Deutz and MWM, two of the oldest engine manufacturers in the world, streamlined their engine programs and now offer an extensive and overlay range of diesel engines.

Deutz-MWM's wide array of marine engines allows the user to select the best possible choice to suit his particular needs.

Deutz-MWM offers marine diesel engines from 134 to 9,860 hp. However, this wide power range is not the only advantage. A second and real advantage is the number of choices afforded to a user.

For example, in the 900 hp range, the following options are available: for a partrol boat or yacht—TBD 234 V12 marine diesel engine, rated at 979 hp at 2,300 rpm; fast workboat or ferry—TBD 234 V16, rated 906 hp at 2,100 rpm; workboat with extended low-load periods — BA12M 816, rated 930 hp at 1,800 rpm; workboat with high-power density and low fuel consumption— TBD604 BV8, rated at 952 hp at 1,500 rpm; and workboat with easy maintenance and reliability— TBD440-6, rated at 979 hp at 900 rpm.

Furthermore, fuel ratings of 190 g/kwh are not confined to engines of more than 2,000 hp. Deutz-MWM engines from 500 hp are now available with this fuel consumption rating.

Since fuel may account for up to 80 percent of engine-related operating expenses in a continuously operated vessel, an engine that offers a 210 g/kwh rating as opposed to a 190 g/kwh, means a 10 percent increase in the largest portion of operational cost.

Carbonization in direct-injection engines is a problem when operating at low load for long periods. As a solution, Deutz-MWM offers twostage combustion engines. On larger engines with four valves, shifting mechanisms are available to allow a low-load optimized system, while keeping a high efficiency and power density at higher ratings as well.

Simplicity is a key element in providing easy maintenance on diesel engines. The most serviced component is generally the injector; a block-type injection pump in combination with easily accessible nozzles allows not only the fastest service, but also the least possibility for error.

Many Deutz and MWM engines are in marine service across North America in yachts, ferries, supply and fishing vessels, dredges and cruise liners. Additionally, Deutz and MWM provide service for Murphy Diesel Company engines.

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