Raytheon Introduces J U E - 4 5 A, Most Compact A n d Sophisticated S a t C om Of The JUE Series

Available in the USA, Mexico and Europe exclusively from Raytheon Marine Company, this new satellite communications terminal is made by Japan Radio Company, the world's largest manufacturer of such systems. The JUE-45A is designed for merchant ships, commercial fishing vessels, and oceangoing yachts.

The JUE-45A culminates a successful weight-loss program, designed to make SatCom systems even easier to install and operate.

Compared to JRC's previous Sat- Com generation, the JUE-45A's Below Deck Equipment (BDE) is half the size and less than half the weight. And the Above Deck Equipment (ADE) has lost about 15 percent in height and, at 242 pounds, about 33 percent in weight.

The JUE-45A is not only the most compact system of the JUE series, but also the most sophisticated.

The system automatically selects the correct satellite—thanks to a new antenna scanner.

The new abbreviated dialing unit stores up to 40 telephone and telex numbers that the operator can dial automatically by pressing a twodigit number.

And when a message comes from shore, the JUE-45A automatically selects the correct computer modem, facsimile, or telephone—no one has to get up in the middle of the night to receive the message.

The system's Video Display Unit (VDU) features a 14-inch CRT with large, easy-to-read characters, 32 Kbyte memory, and full word-processing capabilities.

In addition to these and other standard features, many advanced options are available. For example, The Fleet Data Management System makes fleet operation easier and safer by connecting the shipowner's office with the ships. And, the Automatic Ship's Position Reporting System provides the shore office with real-time navigation data.

For all its abundance of highly sophisticated capabilities, the JUE series is exceptionally reliable, boasting over 40,000 hours MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures).

Raytheon's worldwide network can service the JUE-45A as well as other products from Raytheon's complete line of navigation and communication equipment.

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Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 62,  Dec 1987

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