D e u t z M W M T r a d e m a rk G a i n s W i d e Acceptance

The new trademark Deutz MWM has gained wide acceptance throughout the world since the beginning of cooperation between Klockner-Humboldt-Deutz AG, Cologne, and Motoren-Werke Mannheim AG, Mannheim, two years ago.

It combines the world's two oldest engine builders who had competed with one another for more than a century.

Motoren-Werke Mannheim AG exhibited its full-line four-stroke engine program in Amsterdam this past fall, ranging from 10 to 7,250 kw for marine application. On display for the first time was the 16- cylinder model of the 604B series launched in 1985 with 6-, 8-, and 12- cylinder models. The engines of this series, highlighted by compactness and particular suitability for fast ships, cover a power spectrum from 420 to 1,930 kw.

Two engines of the Deutz MWM series 628, one six-cylinder in-line model and one 12-cylinder V-type model were displayed. Since the introduction of the 628 series eight years ago, contracts for more than 1,000 engines have been placed.

About 60 percent of the engine models delivered so far operate as marine marin propulsion units or in onboard auxiliary sets, covering a power spectrum from 755 to 3,470 kw.

They can be operated on heavy fuel, including CIMAC 12.

High-speed engines of the Deutz MWM series 816, 234 and 226B were also displayed.

With the current Deutz MWM engine range, it is possible to meet the requirements of varied marine applications in the power spectrum from 10 to 7,250 kw. The engines of the series 234, 604B and 628 are most suitable for the market segment "fast ships," where they are gaining a strong foothold.

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