N e w Fuel-Saving, Cost-Cutting C o m p u t e r i z e d System For W o r k b o a ts O f f e r e d By A d v a n c e d Control Systems

Detailed Brochure Available Advanced Control Systems (ACS) Incorporated, Houston, Texas, reports that fleet and boat operating costs can be reduced for more profitable operations with the installation of their new Boat Operating Systems (BOS).

The Boat Operating System accurately senses the rpm of each engine, fuel burn-rate of each engine and ground speed developed from a Loran C input. The data, which is continuously stored on a disc in a microcomputer, is displayed by bar graphs in real-time on a large display screen in the pilothouse of the boat. By providing consistent and reliable data on engine functions and water conditions, BOS allows the captain to quickly adjust his controls to achieve maximum available operating efficiency with a minimum consumption of fuel and oil. Setting the throttle to a lower rpm translates to saving money— most of the time reducing fuel costs by a reported 15 percent or more.

Fuel and lube oil savings are just some of the benefits offered by the BOS. Because the captain has reduced his rpm and is still accomplishing the same work with his boat, the engine is running at lower pressures and temperatures. The net result is less mechanical wear, reduced maintenance and repair costs along with lower lubrication and replacement expenses.

Boat Operating Systems are designed and manufactured for inland and open seas operators. These boat operating systems have been designed to improve fleet performance.

ACS reports that BOS is producing lower operating costs, reduced maintenance expenses and reliable engine performance.

A new descriptive brochure on the Boat Operating System from ACS is available. For your copy, Circle 36 on Reader Service Card

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