Krupp Atlas Elektronik Introduces Atlas 8630 VTC Radar Designed For Vessel Traffic Control Applications

—Free Literature A v a i l a b l e— Atlas 8630 VTC, a new modular 16-inch Rasterscan radar with integral keyboard facilities specifically designed for vessel traffic control applications, was recently introduced by Krupp Atlas Elektronik.

Suitable for either stand-alone operation or installation as part of a network of VTC radar consoles, the system precludes any necessity for ancillary computer, display or other equipment functions, although for extended user requirements, it can be typically connected via standard interfaces to weather observation, communication and data base systems.

Up to 100 targets can be tracked simultaneously with range measurements available for display in either nautical miles or kilometers.

All menu-controlled information is presented on a high-definition screen offering continuous true daylight viewing. VTC functions shown include anchor and fairway watches, target prediction and speed limits, which can be individually assigned to each tracked target according to vessel type and load as well as environmental factors.

Target tracking may be either manual or automatic inclusive of position, course and speed as well as TCPA and CPA values. Monitoring of individual TCPA and CPA values against those of other targets is continuous with provision for both visual and aural warnings whenever those for two vessels fall within predetermined limits. Bearings from two target VHF direction finders can also be superimposed on displays.

Up to 100 detailed maps can be compiled and stored via the radar indicator, any of which can be re- produced on the screen with adjoining land areas deleted as and when required. Consisting of some 10,000 separate elements, each also allows for creation of 20 symbols and line types for identification of individual buoys, wrecks or other chart-type markings. All maps are securityprotected with access for storage and editing being restricted to authorized personnel only.

For extended coverage of particularly large operating areas, a network of four or more 8630 VTC consoles can be established and controlled by a Processor Controlled Interswitch Matrix (PCIM) facility for interchange and localized adjustment of target data, displays and maps as well as automatic target handover. Connection of remote installations can be via either microwave or coaxial, twin-wire or fiberoptic cable links.

Three slotted-array antenna configurations are optionally available for X-band (3cm) operation and one for S-band (10cm).

Introduction of the 8630 VTC follows recent installation of an Xband system at Dalian, China's largest foreign trade port with an esti- mated annual traffic throughput of 45 million tons.

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Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 53,  Jan 1989

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