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Ohmsett is the largest outdoor saltwater wave/tow tank in North America and provides independent objective performance testing. Managed by the U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, it directly supports BSEE’s goal of ensuring the best and safest oil spill detection, containment and removal technologies are available to protect the U.S. coast and oceanic environments.
OHMSETT plays a critical role in developing effective response technologies and represents an intermediate step between small scale bench testing and open water testing of equipment. The facility has the capability to test and evaluate oil spill response technologies such as: chemical treating agents and dispersants, oil in ice and cold weather climate, remote sensing and detection instruments, sorbent materials, temporary storage devices, viscous oil pumping units and oil water separators. OHMSETT’s wave generator can generate random waves that closely approximate waves in the ocean, such as sinusoidal and harbor chop, Pierson-Moskowitz, JONSWAP, and Frequency Modulated (FM) Slide, with scalable ocean water depth, wind speed, and model scale factor. BSEE supports the development of alternative energy devices, in particular wave energy mechanical devices, in a controlled environment. The OHMSETT test tank is large enough to handle many devices at meso-scale.

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Marine Technology Magazine, page 24,  Jul 2013

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