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4-23 Nihan Drive
St.Catharines, Ontario,
Canada, L2N 1L2
Tel: 905-687-6672
President: Jim Garrington
CFO: Wendy Garrington
Sales Manager: Jim Honey

For more than 28 years Shark Marine has been a leader in underwater technology and product innovation. Its Navigator, diver held sonar system is currently in use by more than a dozen navies around the globe. Shark Marine Technologies, since its founding in 1984, has had a mandate to deliver underwater products and services that are innovative, high quality, dependable and cost effective.  In addition to its own product lines, Shark Marine works closely with other industry leading suppliers to deliver complete integrated solutions for its customers.  Shark Marine has a broad offering that includes: Diver Held Sonar Imaging and Navigation Systems; Video Systems; Remote Operated Vehicles; Survey Equipment; Tether Management Systems; On-site Operational Support; Consultation; Custom Design and Manufacture; and Training
Shark Marine’s Navigator, diver held sonar and navigation system is one of the most powerful and adaptive tools an individual diver can wield. It can guide them along a pre-programmed search grid, record their track as they go and allow them to mark and record various types on information.
The recent release of the MAKO, Diver Delivery System takes the Navigator and its Divelog control software to new heights. When interfaced together, the Navigator is able to control the propulsion system of the MAKO making it an “intelligent” Diver Delivery System. For example survey routes can be programmed for the vehicle giving it almost AUV like capabilities.

(As published in the July/August 2013 edition of Marine Technologies -

Marine Technology Magazine, page 27,  Jul 2013

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