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1914 Northfield Rd., Nanaimo, B.C., Canada V9S 3B5
Tel: 1-888-729-8890
Email: [email protected]
CEO/President: Robin Li
Number of Employees: 15

SEAMOR Marine Ltd. is among the top five manufacturers of Observation Class ROV systems.
The Tech: SEAMOR ROV systems offer a modular, open-frame layout that allows for ease of access into the ‘guts’ of the vehicle and aids in the integration of 3rd party tools and sensors. The result is the ability to easily assemble a customized underwater system. In addition to customer specified systems, The company currently offers seven standard ROV SEAMOR versions; three with “twisted pair” tether, three with “fiber-optic” tether and one with combined “twisted pairs”/“fiber-optic” tether. The 300F-1080p-HD model incorporates a High Definition primary video camera. All standard systems are depth rated to 1000 ft./300m and feature 150w thrusters (4 or 6 – model dependent),1800 tilting camera and lights, auto depth, auto heading, and include a 19in. monitor, intuitive control system, tether cable, manual tether winch c/w slip-ring, spares and tool kit.

(As published in the July/August 2013 edition of Marine Technologies -

Marine Technology Magazine, page 33,  Jul 2013

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