MTR100 '13: Sonardyne International Ltd.

The Case
Sonardyne’s integrated low risk subsea technologies reach far beyond the company’s origins in acoustic positioning, with sonar imaging, wireless communications and inertial navigation now integral to its offering. Sonardyne remains an independent manufacturing business with more than 300 employees worldwide supporting the company’s custom engineering, project planning and field support activities.

The Company

Four decades after the company was founded, Sonardyne has remained true to its roots as a subsea pioneer. Innovation and performance have maintained Sonardyne’s reputation for technical leadership and today it has a portfolio of acoustic and non-acoustic technologies for use in the most challenging marine environments. Sonardyne’s expertise ranges from autonomous undersea networks of wirelessly controlled seabed sensors, monitoring safety critical positioning and control systems around offshore platforms through to the early detection of deadly tsunami waves. As much as innovation has grown the company, it is its people and the support they give to clients that sets Sonardyne apart. Its team of highly experienced personnel work closely with their clients to understand all aspects of their projects, balancing performance, costs, vessel operations and risk to find the best possible solution. Furthermore, as a vertically integrated company with research, design, manufacturing, testing, marketing, distribution and support all under one roof, Sonardyne has the ability to quickly respond to the needs of its clients and the markets that it services. This speed of response coupled with its commitment to the development and creation of innovative technologies along with its expertise and level of service has helped build Sonardyne into one of the most vibrant companies in the global subsea industry today.

The Tech
Sonardyne’s technology portfolio covers four categories: Acoustic Positioning - Sonardyne’s USBL, LBL and LUSBL systems are operational in every deepwater development, helping to precisely navigate underwater vehicles, install subsea structures and position multiple surface vessels. Sonardyne’s sixth generation (6G) platform uses ultra-wide bandwidth acoustic signals to provide exceptional subsea navigation, communications and positioning performance. Inertial Navigation - This offers contrasting and complementary characteristics to acoustic and satellite positioning. The seamless integration of these technologies produces a single solution offering the best of both – a continuous position output with no drift. Sonardyne INS systems tailored for DP reference and subsea vehicle positioning deliver greater overall precision and accuracy than acoustics, GPS/GNSS or inertial alone. Wireless Communications – Reliable through-water acoustic communications is something that Sonardyne is renowned for. In 2012, The Company: introduced a unique optical communications system developed in collaboration with WHOI; BlueComm has since been used to successfully control a tetherless underwater vehicle. Sonar Imaging - Sonardyne technology is protecting vulnerable waterside facilities and vessels from the threat of attack, enabling AUVs to gather pixel-perfect imaging of the seabed, monitoring a billion cubic feet of water for the smallest oil leaks and detecting hazardous underwater obstacles.

8280 Willow Place Drive North, Houston, TX 77070

Tel:     +1 281 890 2120
Email:     [email protected]
CEO/President:    John Ramsden
Engineering Director    Simon Partridge
Number of Employees:    300

(As published in the July/August 2013 edition of Marine Technologies -

Marine Technology Magazine, page 60,  Jul 2013

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