MTR100 '13 Xsens

The Case:

Xsens is a leader in MEMS IMUs, VRUs and AHRSs in the $1000-$5000 class. These products regularly go head to head with FOGs when it comes to integration in maritime applications. The 4th generation MTi that has been introduced in 2012 has proven itself in new applications. 

The Company:
Xsens is a developer and global supplier of 3D motion tracking products and solutions, based on MEMS inertial technology. The company operates in four business segments: Industrial Applications, Entertainment, Movement Science and IP Licensing.
Entertainment and Movement Science focus on (full) body motion capture for games, movies, sports and revalidation. IP Licensing supplies sensor fusion software for mobile devices. The Industrial Applications segment is the largest of Xsens and supplies powerful Motion Trackers to control & stabilization, measurement & correction and navigation applications. In the maritime market, the fit with the Xsens MTi has been proven by a large customer base of successful system integrators in e.g. USBL, ROV and echo sounder solutions: almost a quarter of the companies in the MTR 100 of 2012 are Xsens’ customers.
Xsens was founded in 2000 and has gained a strong position in the MEMS business landscape. With an installed base of approximately 25,000 MT’s, the two offices in Enschede, the Netherlands and Los Angeles, Xsens has proven to be a reliable choice. Research and development is conducted by the in-house R&D team, comprising 50% of the company head count.
Xsens offers solutions at several integration levels, depending on the requirements and wishes of the customer. Integration levels range from IMU’s without sensor fusion to tight integration projects in joint development with the customer’s engineering department.

The Tech:

The core of Xsens technology is Xsens’ set of sensor fusion algorithms. The Extended Kalman Filter XKF3 is used in Xsens’ products, with modifications for specific sensor suites, platforms, applications and accuracy requirements.



Pantheon 6, Enschede, OV, The Netherlands 7521 PR
Tel: +31889736700
E-mail: [email protected]

CEO/President: Casper Peeters
Employees: 144

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Marine Technology Magazine, page 55,  Jul 2013

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