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5555 Magnatron Blvd. Suite G
San Diego, Calif., U.S. CA 92111
Tel: (619) 275-5533
Email: [email protected]
CEO/President: Leonard Pool
Engineering Director: Marc New
Number of Employees: 14

Simply put, SIDUS Solutions builds high quality products and offers outstanding support. Founded in September of 2000 as Sidus Solutions Inc., The company was reorganized as SIDUS Solutions, LLC in April 2010 with the partnership of Rolloos Holdings (Top Side Offshore Technology), a Dutch corporation. The joint business activities are directed towards assisting, supporting and increasing safety, efficiency and control of business operations. SIDUS Solutions, LLC benefits from a broad group of agents in several strategic locations worldwide (North & South America, Europe, Asia and Australia). Recently a new Houston Area office was opened as part of SIDUS’ 2012 expansion plans. Currently, one of the main focus point for SIDUS is Situational Awareness, as worldwide, on-going pressure is being placed on the safe extraction and operation in oil and gas exploration. After the Deepwater Horizon accident, the U.S. and other world governments have mandated ‘Situational Awareness’ to the daily operations of large and small operators. The new checks and balances help verify the safe operation of each asset.

The Tech:

SIDUS Solutions designs and manufactures cutting-edge subsea video cameras, lighting and robotic positioning devices for extreme environments. They also specialize in custom, end-to-end underwater systems including customized controllers and cabling.

(As published in the July/August 2013 edition of Marine Technologies -

Marine Technology Magazine, page 35,  Jul 2013

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