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Sanddalsringen 5b, 103 Midtun,
5828 Bergen, Norway
Tel: +47 55604800
Email: [email protected]
CEO: Gretchen
W. McClain
# of Employees: 93

Aanderaa Data Instruments AS, a Xylem brand, headquartered in Bergen, Norway, designs, manufactures and sells sensors, instruments and systems for measuring and monitoring in demanding environments. Its main market areas are Environmental Research, Marine Transportation, Oil and Gas, Aquaculture, Road and Traffic and Construction.  Aanderaa is known for its ability to develop uncompromising state-of-the-art instrumentation that is both reliable and robust for long term observations of the marine environment. It is a trusted source to many Oceanographic Institutes, Universities, Geophysical Surveyors, Navies, Offshore Oil & Gas E&P Companies, Drilling Companies, Port & Harbour Authorities, Government Agencies, Water Authorities, and Electric Power Utilities internationally.
Aanderaas’ new Seaguard Host and an expanding line of distributed Smart Sensor technology, as well as its new Aanderaa Real-Time Communication System,  marks a turning point in distributed instrumentation for underwater and atmospheric measurements of Hydro Acoustic, Electro-Optical, Electro-Chemical, Pressure, Temperature, Meteorological data in observing networks and self-contained instrumentation.
At the core of the system is the CANBus based AiCaP protocol, which enables self-detection of connected sensors and dynamic setup of configuration menus. This protocol was developed by Aanderaa in order to achieve the extreme low power requirements of the Underwater Observatories. The master-slave protocol extends the CANBus protocol with extra signaling to efficiently wake up sensors or datalogger to receive data when necessary. Sensors on the bus perform their own measurements at the required intervals and send collected data to the Seaguard or Smartguard logger. These dataloggers assemble the datasets and package them to ensure safe communication of data to a receiving station utilizing the Real-Time communication system. Sensors on the AiCaP bus are utilizing Smart Sensor technology and can operate both in the bus configuration and as stand-alone entities. In the latter mode, they can be interfaced to any computer or logger using the RS-232 port.


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Marine Technology Magazine, page 32,  Jul 2013

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