OFFSHORE EUROPE 85 Exhibition & Conference

Aberdeen, Scotland—September 10-13 Offshore Europe 85, the seventh in the series of biennial, high-technology offshore oil/gas industry exhibition/ conferences, will be held September 10-13 at its new permanent home—the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre at the Bridge of Don.

At this year's event, some 1,100 exhibitors from 18 countries will occupy about 19,000 square meters of space, retaining Offshore Europe's position as the largest show of its kind outside the U.S., and second largest in the world after Houston's Offshore Technology Conference.

As with all previous Aberdeen shows, overseas interest remains high, with exhibitors from Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, West Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan. Netherlands, Norway, Spain. Sweden, Switzerland, the U.K., and the U.S.


All Offshore Europe exhibitors must comply with regulations laid down by the organizer, Spearhead Exhibitions Ltd., governing the types of companies acceptable as exhibitors. Under these regulations, preference is given to companies with equipment and services of most interest to the technical and operating management of oil companies, drilling contractors, project management contractors, and marine construction companies, which form the major visitor group at the exhibition. More than 24,000 people from 56 countries visited the 1983 show, figures expected to be exceeded this year.

Admission to the exhibition and conference is restricted to those with a serious business interest in the offshore oil and gas industry, and absolutely no access is permitted to anyone under the age of 16.

The new Aberdeen exhibition/ conference complex has a major exhibition arena, a smaller multi-purpose hall, a two-story conference building with two halls offering a total capacity of 500 for simultaneous sessions, together with catering, car parking, and administration facilities.

Once again Offshore Europe has attracted the patronage of the United Kingdom Offshore Operators Association and the sponsorship of the Society of Petroleum Engineers. The SPE has developed the technical conference program, which will highlight significant areas of current technology that will prove of major interest to the technical community involved in European offshore operations.

Sixty-four papers will be presented in sessions on drilling, inspection and maintenance, reservoir management, production operations, fracturing, subsea systems, innovative field development, and safety & the environment. The papers were selected by the Conference Committee from more than 300 abstracts received in response to the call for papers that went out in late 1984.

The conference will begin on Tuesday, September 10, with an eight-paper session on Subsea Systems to be chaired by L.V.

McGuire, general manager, Hamilton Brothers Oil & Gas Ltd., and P.

Marquez, supervising operations engineer, Murchison, Conoco (UK) Ltd.

On Wednesday, September 11, there will be three sessions covering Reservoir Management. Drilling, and Safety & the Environment. The 13-paper, all-day Reservoir Management session will be chaired jointly by J.J. Gilbert, manager, BP Petroleum Development Ltd., and R. Hough, head of petroleum & operational engineering, Shell UK Exploration and Production Ltd.

Six papers will be presented in the morning Drilling session to be chaired by R. J. Rundt, area manager, Phillips Petroleum Company UK Ltd., and D. Bray, drilling manager, Unocal (UK) Ltd. A further six papers will be given in the afternoon Safety & Environment session, for which T.A.F. Powell, principal petroleum inspector, U.K. Department of Energy, and C.P. Penny, manager, health safety & environmental services, BP Petroleum Development Ltd., are joint chairmen.

There will also be three sessions on Thursday, September 12; these will consider Production Operations, Fracturing, and Inspection & Maintenance. The full-day, 12-paper Production Operations session will be chaired by W.A. Downie, production manager, Conoco (UK) Ltd.; and C.A. Dines, division services manager, Otis Pressure Control Ltd. The Fracturing session, to be chaired by D. Davis, head of stimulation research, Shell International Petroleum Mij bv; and S.

Gibson, petroleum engineering manager, Occidental Petroleum (Caledonia) Ltd., will comprise three papers and a 45-minute forum led by the chairmen and speakers.

The nine-paper Inspection and Maintenance session that follows will be chaired jointly by Conference Committee chairman J. Hollis, technical manager, Britoil Pic; and T. Ridley, head of operations- Brent Field, Shell UK Exploration & Production.

The final session of the conference on September 13 will look to the future with its seven papers under a heading of Innovative Field Development. Joint chairmen for this session are C. Friedlander, engineering manager, Conoco (UK) Ltd., and D. Wootton, engineering director, Phillips Petroleum Company UK Ltd.

Papers will be delivered by authors from nine countries—Australia, Denmark, Dubai, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, the U.K., and the U.S. The final of the SPE Aberdeen Chapter's Student Paper Contest will once again be held at the Offshore Europe Conference.

Conference Program Tuesday, September 10 Conference Room One Subsea Systems Chairmen: L.V. McGuire, general manager, Hamilton Brothers Oil & Gas Ltd.; and P. Marquez, supervision operations engineer, Murchinson, Conoco (UK) Ltd.

11:00 am: "Overview of the Texaco Highlander Field Development," by G.D. Smith, Fluor Ocean Services; and G.H. Batcheler, Texaco North Sea UK Company.

11:30 am: "An Integrated Subsea 011 Production System for the Duncan/ Argyll Fields in the North Sea," by I.C. Fitzsimmons, R.J. Brown & Associates (UK) Ltd.

12 noon: "Diverless Installation of the Skuld Modular Subsea Station," by M. Freudenreich, Elf Aquitaine Norge a/s.

12:30 pm: "New Technology for Development of Deepwater Offshore Gas Fields," by K. Varvin and L-P Sollie, Norsk Hydro a/s.

1:00 pm: Lunch.

2:30 pm: "Development of a Subsea Wireline Winch," by J.A.

Graser, Somus Well Services.

3:00 pm: "The British Argyll DSV Wirelining System," by D.S. Huber, Hamilton Brothers Oil & Gas Ltd.; W. Turner, Otis Pressure Control Ltd.; and C. Baxter, Advanced Production Technology Ltd./BUE/KD Marine Group.

3:30 pm: Coffee break.

3:45 pm: "Through-bore Subsea Production Trees," by D.S. Huber and G.F.C. Simmers, Hamilton Brothers Oil & Gas Ltd.; and C.S.

Johnson, The National Supply (UK) Ltd.

4:15 pm: "Operational Experience with a Long-Range, Multi-Channel, Acoustic Telemetry System for In- Field Pressure Monitoring," by G.

High, Ferranti ORE Ltd.; and 'R.J.

Carmen, Ferranti ORE Inc.

4:45 pm: Conclusion of session.

Wednesday, September 11 Conference Room One Reservoir Management Chairmen: J.J. Gilbert, managerpetroleum engineering, BP Petroleum Development Ltd.; and R. Hough, head of petroleum & operational engineering, Shell UK Exploration & Production Ltd.

9:30 am: "Factors Controlling the Activities of Sulphate-reducing Bacteria in Reservoirs during Water Injection," by Dr. B.N. Herbert and Dr. H. Stockdale, Shell Research Ltd.

10:00 am: "Use of Reservoir Engineering in the Development of the Magnus Oil Reservoir," by J.P. Atkinson, BP Petroleum Development Ltd.

10:30 am: "Magnus Field: Surface Stimulation of Water Injection Wells," by P.F. Dymond, BP Petroleum Development Ltd.

11:00 am: "Statistically Valid Log Analysis Method Improves Reservoir Description," by B. Moss and R. Harrison, Scientific Software- Intercomp (UK) Ltd.

11:30 am: Coffee break.

11:45 am: "Probabilistic Hydrocarbon Reserves Evaluation: A Novel Monte Carlo Approach," by P. Behrenbruch, G.J. Turner, and A. R. Backhouse, Woodside Offshore Petroleum Pty Ltd.

12:15 pm: "Totally Integrated Data Acquisition & Processing during Well Testing—A Case Study with the Computest System," by D.G. Clark and P. le Foil, Flopetrol Johnston Inc.; and A. Harding, BP Petroleum Development Ltd.

12:45 pm: Lunch.

2:00 pm: "Development & Use of a 3D Simulator in Evaluating Reservoir Development Options: Fateh Mishrif, Offshore Dubai," by J.

Crick, Total Compagnie Francaise des Petroles; and S.P. Singh, Dubai Petroleum Company.

2:30 pm: "Application of Radioactive Tracers in Oil Reservoir Waterflood Studies," by V.J. Wheeler, T.V. Parsons, and S.J. Conchie, AERE Harwell; and B. Durham.

Oil Plus Ltd.

3:00 pm: "In Situ Stress Measurements in Inclined Holes in the North Sea: Application to Enhanced Oil Recovery," by L.W.

Teufel, Sandia National Laboratories.

3:30 pm: "The Argyll Field after a Decade of Production," by R. Bifani and C.A. Smith, Hamilton Brothers Oil & Gas Ltd.

4:00 pm: Coffee break.

4:15 pm: "Experience with Permanent Bottom Hole Pressure-Temperature Gauges in a North Sea Oil Field," by J.D. Gallivan, L.J. Kilvington, and A.J. Shere, Britoil pic.

4:45 pm: "The Thistle Field—An Analysis of Its Performance & Optimization of Its Future Development," by Dr. M.G. Bayat and Prof. D.H. Tehrani.

5:15 pm: "Field Experience in the Bothamsail Surfactant Flood Project," by M.N. Cooper, R.A.

Southworth, and D.A Walsh, BP Petroleum Development Ltd.; and Dr. J.C. Morgan, BP Research Centre Ltd.

5:45 pm: Conclusion of session.

Conference Room Two Drilling Chairmen: R. J. Rundt, area manager, Phillips Petroleum Company UK Ltd.; and D. Bray, drilling manager, Unocal (UK) Ltd.

9:30 am: "Review of Operational Experience Drilling Wells Through an Underwater Manifold Centre," by R.K. Hodgson, Shell UK Exploration & Production Ltd.

10:00 am: "Subsea Template Drilling in the North Sea—Experience Gained during the Initial Stages of the Balmoral Development," by D.

Thorpe and P. Tayler, North Sea Sun Oil Company Ltd.

10:30 am: "Template Drilling- One Stage Further," by B.H. Van Bilderbeek, Dril-Quip (Europe) Ltd.

11:00 am: Coffee break.

11:15 am: "Drilling Vessels Float in Aerated Water," by D.S. Hammett, Sedco Forex.

11:45 am: "AC Drives for Drilling," by S. Olsen and S. Knudsen, A/S Norsk Elektrisk & Brown Boveri.

12:15 pm: "The Use of Casing Patches to Improve Workover Success Rates," by J. D. Neely, BP Petroleum Development Ltd.

12:45 pm: Lunch.

Safety & Environment Chairmen: T.A.F. Powell, principal petroleum inspector, UK Department of Energy; and C.P. Penny, manager-health, safety, and environmental services, BP Petroleum Development Ltd.

2:00 pm: "Process Systems: The Role of Quality Assurance in Safety," by F.K. Crawley, D.S. Scott, and W.A.F. Brown, Britoil pic.

2:30 pm: "The Potential Role of Offshore Standby/Rescue Ships," by H.G. McDonald, Offshore Survival Centre.

3:00 pm: "Cost Effective Quality Management for All Phases of Offshore Developments," by N.T.

Burgess, J. Kitson, and M.J.

Kemp, Gilbert Associates (Europe) Ltd.

3:30 pm: Coffee break.

3:45 pm: "OREDA—The Reliability Data Reference for the Offshore Industry," by T. Gjerstad, Technica a/s.

4:15 pm: "Safety & Environmental Auditing for Existing Offshore Facilities," by Dr. C.J. Luck and Dr.

J.G. Sellers, Arthur D. Little Ltd.

4:45 pm: "Natural Radioactive Scale: The Development of Safe Systems of Work," by I.M. Waldram, Britoil pic.

5:15 pm: Conclusion of session.

Thursday, September 12 Conference Room One Production Operations Chairmen: W.A. Downie, production manager, Conoco (UK) Ltd., and C.A. Dines, division service manager, Otis Pressure Control Ltd.

9:30 am: "Reliability Analysis of Alternative Gas Well Safety Valve Completions," by P.M. Wilson, Petroleum Development Oman, and S.O. Okeke, Nederlandse Aadolie Maatschappij.

10:00 am: "Development of a Deepset Electric Solenoid Subsurface Safety Valve System," by J.S.

Gresham, Shell International Petroleum Maatschappij; and T.A.

Turcich, Cameo Inc.

10:30 am: "Development of Downhole Equipment for Beatrice ESP Wells," by J.K. Brown and D.

Bills, Britoil pic.

11:00 am: Coffee break.

11:15 am: "Offshore Preparation of Hutton TLP to Minimize Offshore Hookup," by J. Repon, Bechtel Petroleum Inc.; and T.E.

McDonald, Conoco (UK) Ltd.

11:45 am: "Ultra-violet Disinfection of Injection Seawater for Secondary Oil Recovery," bv H.W.

Brunner and H-P Klein, BBC Brown Boveri & Company Ltd.

12:15 pm: "North Sea Produced Water Systems," by C.R. Bond, Britoil pic.

12:45 pm: Lunch.

2:00 pm: "Scale Inhibitor Squeeze Treatment of the High Volume Wells in the Piper Field," by D.J.

May, B.A. MacDonald, and F.A.

Guitart, Occidental Petroleum (Caledonia) Ltd.; and G.E. Jackson, Petrolite Ltd.

2:30 pm: "Downhole Scale Dissolution Technology," by Dr. A.F.

Clemmit and D.C. Ballance, Akzo Chemie UK Ltd.

3:00 pm: "Technical Advancements in Submersible Pump Power Cables for Harsh Environments," by R. Guzy and J. Vandevier, CentrilifWHughes.

3:30 pm: Coffee break.

3:45 pm: "Experience of Perforation Under Drawdown Using Tubing Conveyed Guns on the Beatrice Field," by J.C. Allen, G. Weighill, and P.C. Moore, Britoil pic.

4:15 pm: "High Differential Pressure, Radial Flow Characteristics of Gun Perforations," by R.S. Riggs, Jet Research Center Inc.

4:45 pm: "Offshore Pipelines in European Maritime Areas—the Years Ahead," by C.J. Smith, Bechtel Great Britain Ltd.

5:15 pm: Conclusion of session.

Conference Room Two Fracturing Chairmen: D. Davis, head of simulation research, Koninkijke Shell Laboratorium; and S.

Gibson, petroleum engineering manager, Occidental Petroleum (Caledonia) Ltd.

9:30 am: "Techniques for Quantifying Formation Stress & Fracture Fluid Response for Optimum Hydraulic Fracturing," by R.E. Cooper, Dowell Schlumberger; and M.R. Frisinger, Schlumberger Inland Services.

9:50 am: "The Influence of Downhole Conditions on the Leakoff Properties of Fracturing Fluids," by G.S. Penny, W.G. Ford, and M.W. Conway, Halliburton Services.

10:10 am: "Hydraulic Fracturing— Twenty Years of North Sea Experience," by R.W. Stephens, BP Petroleum Development Ltd.; and J.P. Martins, BP Research.

10:30 am: Forum led by session chairmen and speakers.

11:15 am: Coffee break.

Inspection & Maintenance Chairmen: J. Hollis, technical manager, Britoil pic; and T.

Ridley, head of operations- Brent Field, Shell UK Exploration & Production Ltd.

11:30 am: "Collection of Corrosion Data on Offshore Structures & Use in Planned Maintenance," by A.R.

Yates and D.A. Constantinis, SGS UK NDT Group.

12:00 noon: "Cathodic Protection of Offshore Structures—Problems & Solutions," by D.N.C. Robson, Britoil pic.

12:30 pm: "Underwater Inspection & Surveys Using Computer Management," by G. Mills and D. Ball, Oceaneering International Services Ltd.

1:00 pm: Lunch.

2:00 pm: "Cold Tapping—Pipeline Subsea Maintenance & Repair Technique," by R. Quin, Total Marine Norsk a/s; and P. Wiet, Total Oil Marine pic.

2:30 pm: "Monitoring of Electro- Mechanical Plant on Offshore Production Platforms," by J. Penman and J.R. Smith, Marischal College, University of Aberdeen; and W.E.

Bryan, Diagnostic & Monitoring Services Ltd.

3:00 pm: "Review of & Experience With Emergency Shutdown Systems," by J.R. Huse, Det norske Veritas.

3:30 pm: Coffee break.

3:45 pm: "Engineering Critical Assessment— A Case History", by Dr.

D.M. Wheeler, Total Oil Marine Engineering & Construction Ltd.; N. Baker, Total Oil Marine pic; S.

Nelson, Occidental Petroleum (Caledonia) Ltd.; and D. Shipley, Oilfab Technical Services.

5:15 pm: Conclusion of session.

Friday, September 13 Conference Room One Innovative Field Development Chairmen: C. Friedlander, enginnering manager, Conoco (UK) Ltd.: and D. Wootton, engineering director, Phillips Petroleum Company Ltd.

9:30 am: "High-Pressure Flexible Pipes for Marginal Field Development," by A. D. Griffiths, Oil & Marine Division, Dunlop Ltd.

10:00 am: "Conoco Hutton TLP Riser Tensioning System—Design, Development & Testing for Maximum Reliability," by D.W. Harvey, Atkins Research & Development; L.J. Adams, Vetco Offshore Ltd.; and R. Myers, Conoco Inc.

10:30 am: "TARA—Tartan Additional Riser Access System," by S.A. Wheeler, Texaco North Sea UK Company; and R.A.M. Hunt, Oilfab Group Ltd.

11:00 am: "Deepwater Drilling & Production Articulated Column— Water Depth 350 Meters," by F.

Baduel, Elf Aquitaine; and A.

Figenschou, ACN Norway A/S.

11:30 am: Coffee break.

11:40 am: "A Steel Jacket for 1,000-foot Water Depth," by A.K Henriksson, Norsk Hydro A/S.

12:15 pm: "Design Considerations for a Deenwater Pile-Founded Ar- ticulated Column Platform," by Dr.

A.K. Sasu and Dr. M. Raznahan, Brown & Root (UK) Ltd.

12:45 pm: "Testing Program for Development of a High-Pressure, Multi-Product Fluid Swivel," by J.W. Key, Offshore Production Systems Inc.; and H.O. Mohr, H.O.

Mohr Associates.

1:15 pm: Conclusion of conference

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