CITGO Offers "No Sheen" Aquamarine Oils

Effective maintenance of hydraulic equipment operating near marine environments represents a doubletough challenge. Pumps and equipment must be protected from the wear and corrosion caused by excess moisture, but safeguards have to be in place to prevent leakage into fragile aquatic habitats and the development of "sheen on the water." CITGO Petroleum Corporation's new Aquamarine Oils provide a premium- quality answer to both challenges.

Specifically designed for both offshore and inland waterway operations, these high-performance, anti-wear hydraulic lubricants will not leave sheen, are non-toxic, inherently biodegradable and are easily recycled.

Additionally, the oils offer a high level of protection against moisture and wear for a variety of applications, including: Offshore drilling rigs and platforms; Power packs; Lifts and cranes; Diving devices; Cranes and draw bridges; Tugboats and ferries; and Pile drivers and dredges and kelp cutters.

CITGO Aquamarine Oils and the Environment Under the Clean Water Act (CWA), discharge of hydraulic fluid that violates applicable water quality standards or causes sheen on the surface of the water is prohibited. Recognizing the pressures and harsh environment of marine operations make it unrealistic to totally avoid hydraulic fluid discharges, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently stepped-up regulatory enforcement efforts, adding the possibility of government-imposed fines to existing liabilities for clean-up costs and damages.

CITGO Aquamarine Oils address regulatory compliance concerns by providing environmentally acceptable (EA) fluids manufactured from biodegradable, aromatic-free, food grade white mineral oils. The non-toxic oils pass the U.S. Coast Guard Static Sheen Test and meet U.S. EPA LC50 toxicity standards for environmentally sensitive areas.

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