NL Rig Equipment Offers Shaffer Drilling Choke System Brochure

A four-page, full-color brochure describing the Shaffer Drilling Choke System is now available from NL Rig Equipment.

The brochure features illustrations and specifications of the hydraulically operated choke valves, transducers for drill pipe and annulus pressures, and floor-mounted control console which compose the system. The S h a f f e r D r i l l i ng Choke System is compatible with any rig design—the control console operates with rig air or optional electric pump.

The conveniently arranged control console panel allows operation of one choke, or two chokes simultaneously, and allows monitoring of well-killing data from any desired remote location. Fluids can be circulated from the well bore while holding any desired back pressure within the pressure rating of the chokes.

The rugged, dependable and easy to service chokes are available for working pressures of 5,000, 10,000 and 15,000 psi. They will operate at temperatures up to 3 0 0 ° F and are suitable for H.S service. The system is designed to operate the chokes quickly and reliably in response to changing conditions in the well bore.

For free copies of the new brochure, write to Dave Wilkinson, Dept. MR, NL Rig Equipment, P.O. Box 1473, Houston, Texas 77001.

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