Racor Introduces In-Line Diesel Fuel Heater —Literature Available

Cold-weather hassels with icing, waxing, and related problems have r e p o r t e d l y become things of the past with the development of the new Racor RX- 20 in-line diesel fuel heater.

The RX-20 is an efficient, compact- sized unit. It combines heatrise efficiency and reliability in a rugged unit, with low maintenance requirements. Engine radiator fluid is used to keep the diesel fuel above the cloud point and flowing, even in subzero weather. The manufacturer reports this permits the use of No.

2 diesel in winter, without the need for additives.

The design of the RX-20 eliminates the possibility of internal leaks, and the diesel fuel does not make contact with the radiator fluid. All metal surfaces are noncorrosive.

Heat is exchanged from the tube bundle containing hot radiator fluid to the cold fuel being circulated around the tubes as the two liquids move through separate compartments of the compact in-line fuel heater.

During warm-weather operations, the RX-20 is turned off manually by an integral control valve, eliminating any possibility of overheating the diesel fuel.

Racor RX-20 fuel heaters, like Racor fuel filter/water separators, are sold and serviced by more than 3,000 dealers worldwide.

For free literature or additional information write to Norbert Zoglman, Dept. MR, Racor Industries, Inc., Filtration Division, P.O. Box 3208, Modesto, Calif.


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