SNAME 94th Annual Meeting And Fifth International Maritime Exposition

The 94th Annual Meeting of The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers and the concurrent 5th International Maritime Exposition will be held at The New York Hilton Hotel November 19-22,1986.

Society membership has now increased to approximately 12,000, including the most influential individuals in the marine industry.

The meeting will feature an outstanding technical program of 13 state-of-the-art papers selected for presentation by the Society's Papers Committee, chaired by Jack Obermeyer. Topics will include: innovative icebreaker bow design; developments in oceanographic ship design; ocean drilling equipment capabilities; ship propulsion gas turbine engines; time simulation of ship motions; shiphandling performance in restricted water; and instability of small high-speed craft.

Concurrent technical sessions will be held in the Trianon and Mercury Ballrooms on the third floor November 20 and 21.

The Exposition, which has become the most important and successful commercial marine industry show in the United States, will once again provide a marketplace for the display and demonstration of marine products and services. More than 150 participating companies will mount exhibits on the Hilton's second floor, providing an excellent background for the exchange of information with industry professionals from around the world. The high caliber of attendees at this SNAME annual has markedly contributed to the continued success of both the technical programs and the exposition.

Exposition hours are 2 to 6 pm on November 19, 10 am to 6 pm on November 20, and 10 am to 4 pm on November 21.

The President's Luncheon will begin at 12:30 on Thursday, November 20, in the Grand Ballroom on the third floor, preceded by a general reception in the East Ballroom Foyer at noon. This luncheon will feature presentations of the Cochrane, Linnard, and Student Papers awards, and an address by the outgoing SNAME president, Perry W.

Nelson. His successor will be formally elected at the Business Session immediately following the luncheon.

The Society's 94th Annual Banquet, open to members and guests, will be held on Friday, November 21, in the Grand Ballroom beginning at 7:30 pm. The banquet program will feature presentation of the three top SNAME medals, and the principal address by Adm.

Thomas B. Hayward, USN (Ret.), former Commanding Officer Seventh Fleet in the Far East, Commanding Officer Pacific Fleet, and Chief of Naval Operations.

The David W. Taylor Medal "for notable achievement in naval archi- texture and/or marine engineering" will be presented to Robert N.

Herbert, a vice president of the Society.

The Vice Admiral "Jerry" Land Medal "for outstanding accomplishment in the marine field" will go to C. Larry French, Past President of the Society.

The Davidson Medal "for outstanding scientific accomplishment in ship research" will be awarded to William B. Morgan, Head, Ship Performance Department, David W.

Taylor NSRDC, and chairman of the Marine Technology Committee.

The 94th Annual Meeting will conclude on Saturday evening with the Dinner Dance and entertainment in the Grand Ballroom; a large turnout is expected.

Technical Papers (See table for time and location.) Paper No. 1—"A Bulbous Bow Design Methodology for High- Speed Ships," by Jeff W. Hoyle, Bill H. Cheng, Bruce Hays, Bruce Johnson, and Bruce Nehrling.

ABSTRACT—A series of bulb forms is developed and analyzed us- ing a combined numerical and experimental approach to ascertain resistance and seakeeping characteristics.

Using the FFG-7 Class of naval frigates as the reference hull form, nine variations in bulb design plus the bulbless hull form were analyzed by the DTNSRDC's XYZ Free Surface Program. Five of the bulb variations were tested in the U.S. Naval Academy's Towing Tank. The results from the computer predictions and the tank tests show remarkably similar trends, and the relative ranking of the bulb forms were identical. Furthermore, the addition of a bulbous bow to the FFG-7 hull form appeared to only marginally degrade the ship's seakeeping characteristics.

Paper No. 2—"The MV Arctic: New Bow Form and Model Testing," by David Baker and Roy Nishizaki.

ABSTRACT—The icebreaking cargo ship MV Arctic has recently been upgraded for fitting a new bow form. This paper describes the history, development, and extensive model test series that resulted in the new "Melville Bow" that has now been fitted to the ship. The results of the ice model tests, conducted in three different ice tanks, are compared and correlation problems discussed.

Paper No. 3—"Analysis and Design of Steering System Components for Arctic Class Ships," by Balji C. Menon, Ian F. Glen, and Ian M. Bayly.

ABSTRACT—Measured torque in the rudder stock resulting from rudder ice impacts during dedicated trials of three icebreaking vessels are presented. Vessel operational modes and the ice environment contributing to the recorded strains are discussed. Flexural strains in rudder stock resulting from rudder ice impacts on typical rudder arrangements of icebreakers are shown to be small in comparison with the torsional strains. This supports the experience that the major mode of steering system failure is associated with twisting of the rudder stock.

Paper No. 4—"A Study of Shiphandling Performance in Restricted Water: Development and Validation of Computer Simulation Model," by Haruzo Eda, Peter K. Shizume, John S. Case, and Joseph J.


ABSTRACT—Efforts have been made to develop realistic modelings of ship dynamic motions with emphasis on the case of restricted water under various projects such as Panama Canal Improvement Program.

This paper presents major examples of development and validation studies, together with certain applications results. Actual data collection of model tests and ship trials were adapted for use in the computer model development.

Paper No. 5—"Developments in the Design of Oceanographic Ships," by John C. Daidola and James J. Griffin.

ABSTRACT—Developments in the design of oceanographic ships are reviewed in the time period from 1970 to the present, and possible future near-term developments are considered as well. A synopsis of recent oceanographic vessel construction, and user or scientific requirements for oceanographic ships are presented. General-purpose, geological, geophysical, and fisheries vessels are described.

Paper No. 6—"Liquid Sloshing in Slack Ship Tanks: Theory, Observations, and Experiments," by N.A. Hamlin, Y.K. Lou, W.M.

Maclean, F. Seibold, and L.M.


ABSTRACT—Sloshing waves in partially filled oscillating rectangular tanks are shown to agree well when determined experimentally, and by analysis using a nonlinear theory for smooth tanks, and a numerical simulation technique for tanks with two-dimensional obstacles.

Cases of shipboard sloshing damage are cited. Model tests are given for sloshing forces on structural members, and sloshing pressures, in ship-like tanks with internal structure.

Paper No. 7—"Research Plan for the Investigation of Dynamic Instability of Small High-Speed Craft," by Steven H. Cohen and Donald L. Blount.

ABSTRACT—Small high-speed craft have been known to lose stability while under way even though they possess adequate stability at rest. Unstable conditions can include rapid loss in running trim, progressive heeling, or sudden combined roll-yaw motion. The prirriary objectives of this paper are to focus attention on this little-understood problem, describe recent developments, and present a long-range research plan.

Paper No. 8—"Time-Simulation of Ship Motions: A Guide to the Factors Degrading Dynamic Stability," by N.M. Elsimillawy and N.S. Miller.

ABSTRACT—A time-domain numerical simulation of the ship motions in regular sinusoidal waves in six degrees of freedom has been used to discover the dangerous situations that may lead a ship to capsize.

An investigation into the dynamic stability of the trawler Gaul, which disappeared in heavy seas in 1974, is used as a demonstration.

The basic approach of the simulation program involves the computation of the coefficients of the equations of motion at each step in time according to the exact wave and vessel position using strip theory.

Paper No. 9—"Ocean Drilling Program Equipment Capabilities," by Dillard S. Hammett.

ABSTRACT—This paper introduced new technology that extends the capability of drilling in 15,000- foot water depth for the purpose of gathering Earth Science data. The application of the petroleum industry experience to drill in these water depths has led to a successful first year of operation of the Ocean Drilling Program (ODP). The technology exchange between the scientists and drilling industry is a key part of the 14-year program. In addition to Earth Science, this program will provide data for future energy sources. The ODP has the potential to provide more useful data for mankind's life on earth than the space program has produced.

Paper No. 10—"Validation of Fatigue Life Prediction Using Containership Hatch-Corner Strain Measurements," by Yung-Kuang Chen, Jeng-Wen Chiou, and Anil Kumar Thayamballi.

ABSTRACT—Using measured strain data and recorded service experience related to fatigue cracking at a containership's hatch corner, the validity of various fatigue life prediction methodologies is evaluated.

The correlation study considers deterministic S-N curve approach, probabilistic calculations of fatigue damage, and fracture mechanics assessments. Description of local cracking experienced, characteristics of the strain data measured, and the various analyses performed are presented.

Paper No. 11—"Governing Ship Propulsion Gas Turbine Engines," by C.J. Rubis and T.R.


ABSTRACT—This paper presents the results of analytical studies, computer simulations, and ships' trials in the investigation of the propeller loading mechanism, propulsion system cycling, and propulsion system response to speed and power governing in a seaway and under various ship maneuvers.

Performance and design criteria for governing systems are discussed.

This is a companion paper to two earlier (1972,1982) SNAME Annual Meeting papers describing results of the Naval Gas Turbine Ship Propulsion Dynamics and Control Systems R&D Program.

Paper No. 12—"A Computer System Architecture for Naval Ship Design, Construction, and Service Life Support," by Daniel W. Billingsley and J. Christopher (Kit) Ryan.

ABSTRACT—The computerbased "product model" is identified as the most important technical product of computer applications to ship design, construction, and service life support. The architecture of the Navy's Computer Supported Design (CSD) System, which supports product model development during the design process, is described along with the applicability of the architecture to ship construction and service life support functions.

The key role of the product model in the digital data transfer process is highlighted.

Paper No. 13—"Model and Full-Scale Tests with an Innovative Icebreaker Bow," by E. Enkvist and E. Mustamaki.

ABSTRACT—Unconventional bow forms have been introduced to break thick level ice in Siberian rivers.

In this paper some rounded and squared types are compared using model test results. An interesting bow candidate was full-scale tested using a 300-ton separate bow suspended from a tug. Conclusions are drawn as to advantages and drawbacks for the new bow, which is not intended for universal use on icebreaking ships.

The following listings are brief descriptions of the products and services to be exhibited at participating company booths. Listings are as provided at press time.

ACTION THREADED PRODUCTS Booth No. 202 Action Threaded Products, Inc.

of Bridgeview, 111., one of the largest stainless steel and nonferrous fastener distributors in the U.S., will exhibit hard-to-find fastener items such as long-length bolts, nylon insert lock nuts in T-316, nickel-copper, and 18-8; lag screws in many materials, as well as many more fastener items.

AEROFLEX Booth No. 2X3 Aeroflex International Inc. of Plainview, N.Y., will display various sizes and configurations of its Wire Rope Isolators, which are stable mounting assemblies of high-quality stranded wire rope held between rugged metal retainers. These are currently being used for missile, shipboard, aircraft, transportation, shipping, and handling containers.

In the same booth Vibration Mountings and Controls Inc. will display a complete range of acoustical material/noise control barriers for marine, industrial, and commercial applications.

ALLIED MARINE CRANE Booth No. 124 Allied Marine Crane of Portland, Ore., designs, manufactures, and distributes a product line of fully hydraulic marine cranes, both double tapered box boom and telescopic boom, in capacities from 60 to 90 tons. These cranes are designed for applications in salt-laden atmospheres such as ships, barges, dockside, offshore drilling rigs, production platforms, and workboats. Other products furnished to the marine industry are diesel/hydraulic electrohydraulic power packages, and deck equipment such as mooring winches and davits.

AMERICAN PIPING Booth No. 130 American Piping Products, Inc. of New Hyde Park, N.Y., will feature quick-acting spectacle line blinds designed for cargo segregation, inert gas, and ballast piping systems. All sizes are available with either butt weld or flanged ends. The company will also display a complete line of strainers and check valves in all body materials and all pressure classes.

AQUA SIGNAL Booth No. 811 Aqua Signal Corporation of West Chicago, 111., will exhibit floodlights that feature completely seamless, stamped stainless steel housings and electrostatically applied powder coatings; they are watertight and UL-listed. The company's watertight fluorescents have the same construction plus unbreakable polycarbonate lenses and removeable gear tray. Navigation lights will also be on display, as well as emergency lighting systems that provide a three-hour backup.

BAY SHIPBUILDING Booth Nos. 925 & 927 Bay Shipbuilding Corporation in Sturgeon Bay, Wise., is one of the most modern full-service shipyards in the U.S. With access to the world's oceans through the St. Lawrence Seaway, Bay Ship can design, engineer, build, repair, convert, repower, retrofit, and jumboize saltwater vessels to 760 feet and Great Lakes vessels to 1,100 feet.

BBN LABORATORIES Booth No. 905 BBN Laboratories Incorporated of Cambridge, Mass., a subsidiary of Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc., will demonstrate three of its many services— vibration control, dynamic measurements, and finite element analysis. A vibration control demonstration will compare four generic mounting systems. Instrumentation employing unique BBN-developed software will measure the effectiveness of these mounting systems.

BBN's capability for improving productivity in structural design and analysis will also be demonstrated using its three-dimensional Space- Graph® system and its Butterfly® parallel processor.

BETHLEHEM STEEL Booth No. 837 Bethlehem Steel Corporation's marine construction group will highlight its newest facility, the Sabine Yard in Port Arthur, Texas, as well as the Sparrows Point yard near Baltimore. The Maryland yard recently laid the keel for the first of two U.S. Navy oceanographic ships (T-AGS-39) it will build under a $130-million contract.

The Sabine Yard, which went into service last fall, is the only facility of its type in the Gulf area, and its 64,000-ton-capacity drydock, one of the biggest in the country, is capable of servicing any type of offshore drilling rig or mobile production platform, as well as all kinds of ships.

BP NORTH AMERICA Booth No. F-l ~ BP North America Petroleum, Inc., the American arm of BP Marine International, will feature literature and exhibit a photo display covering marine diesel lubricants.

The stand will be manned by experience staff members who can discuss application and technical specifications for today and tomorrow.

Specific information will be available on marine cylinder lubricant development, including a display on the latest state-of-the-art technical service, the BP Oil Test Kit and Comprehensive Used Oil Analysis System.

BROMMA Booth No. 505 Bromma, Inc. of Roxboro, N.C., recently purchased the rights to the ROPCO spreader line formerly manufactured by RPC Corporation.

The exhibit will feature spreader bars for container handling that can be utilized under a variety of cranes and lift trucks. From self-leveling automatic to simple single-point manuals, Bromma has the vital link in containerization.

CAE ELECTRONICS Booth No. 630 CAE Electronics Ltd. of Saint- Laurent, Quebec, will display an integrated machinery control system that combines the flexibility of digital computers with the simplicity of ergonomically designed control consoles employing dynamic color graphics displays. This system is said to offer significant savings in installation, operating, maintenance, and training costs.

COLT INDUSTRIES/ FAIRBANKS MORSE Booth Nos. 6 0 0 / 6 0 2 / 6 04 The Fairbanks Morse Engine Division of Colt Industries, Beloit, Wise., will exhibit literature and sales data for the Pielstick PA series engine with a horsepower range up to 8,000 bhp, used for marine and stationary applications, as well as literature and a model of the Pielstick 2.6 engine.

COMBUSTION ENGINEERING Booth No. 110 Combustion Engineering, Inc. of Windsor, Conn., is helping the Navy cut the cost of turning seawater into drinking water aboard the Ticonderoga Class (CG-47) guided-missile cruisers. CE's waste heat recovery boilers also generate high-quality saturated steam for ship's heating as well as steam for the galley, laundry, and deicing system. Annual projected fuel savings for a CG-47 Class ship is estimated at more than $200,000.

COMPUTER V I S I ON Booth No. F-4 Computervision Corporation of Bedford, Mass., a leading CAD/ CAM vendor to the marine industry, will exhibit its new CADDStation ™ system running a range of design software. Applications include structural, equipment, piping, HVAC, and electrical. The CADDStation is based on Sun Microsystems hardware. It is a 32-bit workstation with a Motorola 68020 microprocessor.

It also features such industry standards as UNIX 4.2, Ethernet, TCP-IP communications protocol, in addition to full compatibility with existing Computervision CADDS (R) 4X data bases.

CONSOLIDATED Booth No. 901 Consolidated Controls Corporation of El Segundo, Calif., manufactures Morgan electric-motor-driven valve actuators that are in use aboard more than 70 U.S. Navy ships (including the DDG-51 under construction at Bath Iron Works) to provide remote control for critical valving. Use of a unique, slow-speed nutating motor design allows precise valve positioning and longterm, reliable operation.

CONVER Booth No. 511 Conver-OSR, Inc. of Kenilworth, N.J., is a manufacturer and supplier of container, trailer, and automobile lashing and securing materials, and also designs and engineers containership cell guide systems. The company will introduce its recently developed "MACS 3" ship computer system, designed to calculate and control a ship's stability, longitudinal strength, and torsional stress.

C-TECH Booth No. 628 C-Tech Ltd. of Cornwall, Ontario, is a leading producer of Omni Sonar and related underwater acoustic devices for application in commercial fishing, iceberg detection, and patrol vessels. The company also manufactures cylindrical and planar array transducers, electronic scanners (sonar), and standard electronic modules for NATO Navies.

CTI INDUSTRIES Booth No. 734 CTI Industries, Inc. of Fairfield, Conn., will exhibit shields/seals for life extension of all condenser and heat exchanger tubes, tube liners, condenser cleaning brushes and kits, polymer-epoxy coatings for all equipment, condenser inspections, video horoscope, failure analysis, and technical reports.

CUMMINS Booth No. 830 Cummins Engine Company of Columbus, Ind., taking its proven V-12 design with SVi-inch bore and 6-inch stroke and applying the latest diesel technology, has produced a new more powerful engine matched to the tough requirements of the marine industry. Rated 675 continuous bhp at 1,800 rpm, the compact VTA28-M is an improvement of 55 bhp with a fuel increase of less than one gallon per hour.

Cummins also offers a complete line of marine generator sets with a power range from 37 to 925 kw.

CUNNINGHAM/TENFJORD Booth No. 208 Cunningham Marine/Tenfjord, Inc. of Hoboken, N.J., will feature hydraulic systems, engineering ser- vices, and repairs available worldwide.

Products on display will include variable-displacement hydraulic pumps, hydraulic steering systems including rotary-piston steering gears, and other hydraulic equipment.

DANA Booth Nos. 915/917 Dana Corporation's Power Transmission Sales offers one of the widest ranges of clutches and brakes in the industry, with proven products from Formsprag and Wichita. Its wide range of related power transmission products include Dura-Flex couplings, Spicer, GWB, and Con- Vel U-joints; Lo-Rez steel spring, Elastomeric, and RT couplings. Its Wichita/LoRez flexible coupling combination provides efficient vibration control, easy installation and maintenance, and many other benefits for the marine industry.

DET NORSKE VERITAS Booth No. 801 The Houston office of Det norske Veritas will exhibit SESAM, an advanced computer program system employing the finite element method to solve a wide variety of engineering problems related to motion and structural analysis. The program is capable of performing linear or nonlinear dynamic as well as static analysis of almost any type of structure. The system is especially designed to meet the requirements for analyses of ships and offshore structures.

DEUTSCH Booth Nos. 126/128 Deutsch Metal Components of Gardena, Calif., will feature Pyplok ® swage marine fittings that join shipboard piping by mechanical attachment using lightweight swage tooling. Installations are completed in seconds and require no NDT. The Pyplok system is approved by the American Bureau of Shipping, U.S.

Coast Guard, and NAVSEA.

DEVOE MARINE Booth No. 304 Devoe Marine Coatings Company of Hoboken, N.J., will display its line of quality epoxy coating products, including Bar-Rust 235 and 245, rust tolerant and petroleum resistant, devran 258 and 259, water base epoxy coatings. Devoe will also show a full line of conventional coatings products.

DURALINE Booth No. 417 Duraline of Central Islip, N.Y., a division of J.B. Nottingham & Co., will display watertight electrical connectors designed specifically for the marine environment, including temporary lighting and power distribution; ship-to-shore drydock and hotel power connectors; 30-, 60- and 100-amp 120-volt connectors and receptacles; portable power distribution panels; 200-amp casualty wiring systems for frigates, destroyers and aircraft carriers; and electrical resistance stripheater systems for pre- and post-weld heat treating of HY80 and HY100 steels.

ELECTROCATALYTIC Booth Nos. 501/503 Using its quarter century of marine experience and precious metal based electrocatalytic expertise, Electrocatalytic, Inc. of Union, N.J., offers a broad range of proven products and ship and offshore use. The display will feature Capac and Chloropac equipment packages used to eliminate corrosion and biofouling, saving shipowners millions of dollars every year in operating expense.

ENGINE EFFICIENCY Booth No. 812 Energy Efficiency Associates is a diversified microprocessor hardware and software development company with offices in Rahway, N.J., Marrero (New Orleans), La., and Bellevue, Wash. The display will feature the EZ 1000-Microprocessor, Control, Monitor and Alarm System. Applications in ABS ACCU/NVCl-69 unmanned engine rooms, automation, exhaust gas cylinder temperature monitors, automatic generator controls, automatic planned maintenance.

Also on display will be ALP software Automatic Loading Program— Cargo Inventory/Trim/Stability/ Stress for containerships— used with IBM PC. Fuel Processor FM 1000 will also be displayed.

FERNSTRUM Booth No. 814 R.W. Fernstrum & Company of Menominee, Mich., offers three types of keel coolers for the marine industry—the standard series of Gridcoolers, the TB series, and the aluminum series. The standard Gridcooler is constructed of 90/10 copper-nickel headers and tubes, silver-brazed together to form a compact, durable assembly. The aluminum series is manufactured from 5000 series aluminum alloys, especially chosen for their resistance to saltwater corrosion and their compatibility with the aluminum hull. The TB series Gridcoolers are designed for stationary applications such as drill rigs and production platforms. This series eliminates the need for deck-mounted heat exchangers and radiators, thereby opening up limited deck space and saving horsepower needed to drive a fan or seawater pump. All Fernstrum Gridcoolers are completely assembled and factory-tested to insure years of reliable service.

FERROUS Booth No. 913 Ferrous Corporation of Bellevue, Wash., will present information on its FE-4 catalyst in both written and video formats. FE-4 is a true combustion catalyst in liquid form that is easily blended with diesel and bunker fuels. It is said to improve combustion, reducing fireside deposits in boilers and engine-damaging carbon.

FITZWRIGHT Booth No. 646 Fitzwright Suits Ltd. of Survey, B.C., manufactures and distributes immersion suits, helicopter transport suits, handy elevated lifting package, EPIRBs, Mayday II strobe lights, and a thermal protection suit.

GOLAR METAL Booth No. 815 Golar Metal Inc. of Lionville, Pa., will exhibit marine incinerators, stripping ejectors, sliding watertight doors, fire rated safety windows, aluminum helidecks, gangways and accommodation ladders, accommodation systems, ships' windows, and induction bending machines. Golar will introduce the new compact, high-capacity OGS Series incinerator, which features continuous loading.

GREENING DONALD Booth No. 632 Greening Donald Company Ltd.

of Hamilton, Ontario, a wire rope manufacturer established in 1859, has developed a product line of Kevlar fiber ropes using unique, high strength, flex fatigue resistant designs.

These strength members are said to have outstanding potential for mooring and handling lines, dredge and sampling lines, etc.

GREITZER Booth No. 509 Greitzer, Inc. of Riverdale, N.J., will exhibit grease-intercepting hoods for galley cooking equipment ventilation. These hoods are manufactured to exacting Navy specifications and are approved by the Naval Sea Systems Command. They are available in Navy or commercial marine models.

INDAL Booth No. 644 Indal Technologies Inc. of Mississauga, Ontario, is a leading supplier of support systems for shipboard helicopters, including landing assist and securing systems, telescope hangars, hangar doors, flight decks, and the Helicart, a one-person ground-handling system for skidmounted helicopters.

INFRASONIK Booth No. 500 Infrasonik USA of Kirkland, Wash., will display the Infrafone, a low-frequency sonic horn that reduces the need to soot blow in marine main boilers (turbine ships) or in exhaust gas boilers (gas ships).

With 71 Infrafones on 46 U.S.- owned vessels, it has proven itself a cost-saving device in the operation of the marine boiler. Operating on a continuous basis, Infrafones are at work preventing soot build-up even in port where steam soot blowing is prohibited.

INTERTRADE Booth No. 334 Intertrade Industries of Huntington Beach, Calif., will exhibit its product line of shipboard and dockmounted, foam-filled marine fenders and buoys. The company will highlight its turnkey lightering vessel tendering systems, including fenders, davits, electrical/hydraulic systems, and American Bureau of Shipping and U.S. Coast Guard approvals.

INVENTORY LOCATOR Booth No. 426 Inventory Locator Service, Inc., headquartered in Memphis, has for many years supported both the commercial and military markets in identifying and locating aircraft parts. Now it offers the same service to the maritime industry. By initiating an inquiry using either part number, National Stock number, or Mil/Spec Mil/Standard number, or drawing number, the other related information will be shown. The company can also provide procurement history for price analysis.

ITT MACKAY Booth No. 323 The ITT Mackay Division of ITT Telecom Products Corporation, Elizabeth, N.J., will exhibit the following: satellite communications, ballast oil pollution monitor, bilge oil pollution monitor, Navtex receiver, Global Positioning System (GPS), fuel meters, fuel viscosity control system, and a full line of communications and navigation systems.

KAMATICS Booth No. 831 Kamatics Corporation of Bloomfield, Conn., a Kaman company, produces three principal product lines: Karon self-lubricating bearings; Kaflex maintenance-free, flexible driveshaft couplings; and composite components. Kaflex couplings utilized successfully in main propulsion auxiliary drive systems applications, are designed to transmit power while accommodating high angular and axial misalignment.

Composite components of graphite, kevlar, and glass fibers feature high strength and light weight.

KEARFOTT/SINGER Booth No. 313 The Kearfott Division of The Singer Company is a manufacturer of quality marine windows, windshield wipers, doors, portlights, and electrically heated windows. In addition, Kearfott has added lightweight transparent armor that is a key element in increasing security on ships, patrol boats, and other military vehicles.

KEY HOUSTON Booth No. 319 The Key Houston division of Jacksonville Shipyards, Inc. in Jacksonville, Fla., manufactures a complete line of abrasive blasting and related equipment designed for marine applications, such as bulk blast pots, hoppers, vacuum recovery units, dehumidification equipment, wet scrubbers, air dryers, aftercoolers, and abrasive reclaim systems.

KOBELT Booth No. 634 Kobelt Manufacturing Company Ltd. of Richmond, B.C., for many years has been involved in the design and manufacture of deck machinery controls and disc brakes.

The company can offer a complete line of pneumatic, mechanical, and electronic controls, as well as propeller shaft brakes up to 50,000 hp.

Kobelt features bronze and stainless steel construction, competitive pricing, and quality control.

LLOYD'S MARDATA Booth No. 510 Lloyd's Maritime Data Network (MARDATA) of Stamford, Conn., is a subsidiary of Lloyd's Maritime Information Services. It combines the unique data sources of Lloyd's Register of Shipping and Lloyd's of London Press to provide a full range of computer-based maritime information and consultancy services.

Experienced staff in the shipping and computer industries will demonstrate on-line database services.

MACGREGOR-NAVIRE Booth No. 337 MacGregor-Navire (USA), Inc.

(MGN) will exhibit graphics showing its participation in the U.S.

Navy's RRF Program, its Linkspan concepts and causeway systems, slides showing cargo access equipment emphasizing the military utility of its equipment, and general examples of recently equipped U.S.- flag vessels.

MAN B&W Booth Nos. 429 & 430 MAN B&W Diesel, with the world's largest diesel engine program, will display the latest developments in diesel engine technology.

Highlighting the exhibit will be the S26MC/MCE mini-bore twostroke engine, generator set integrated charge air system and the flexible layout, and the 58/64 medium- speed fuel saver.

MARCON Booth No. 215 Marcon Engineering, Inc. of Bal- timore supplies a full range of nonferrous piping products including aluminum-brass, copper-nickel 90/10 and 70/30, brass, and copper in pipes, tubes and fittings, as well as a range of Viking-Johnson pipe couplings. The company will also show a range of fiberglass piping products and deck gratings for marine applications, including the ability to install all with its U.K. riding crews.

MARKETEC Booth Nos. 2 0 7 / 2 0 9 / 2 11 Marketec, Inc. of Chatham, N.J., will exhibit Wynstruments Limited's full line of bridge window wipers, the Multilapper fuel nozzle valve reconditioning tool kit, Golten Marine's in-place machining and diesel repairs, Nelson-Winslow fuel oil filter equipment, Sauer Poppe air compressors, Fram-Quantek ballast water monitors, and Turbo- Technik ship-repair-yard services.

MARINE & INDUSTRIAL HYDRAULICS Booth No. 100 Marine and Industrial Hydraulics, Inc. of New York City will feature Trident Auto-Lock Actuator 2000 Series Rotary, 3000 Series Linear, and Trident Fusible Link Valves under hydrant used for various applications.

MARINE INDUSTRIES Booth No. 638 Marine Industries Limited of Sorel, Quebec, offers 50 years of experience in shipbuilding (military, research, products tankers, cargo, ferries, floating docks), ship repair, conversion, and major refits. The company also provides project management and turnkey projects.

MICROSOURCE Booth No. 423 Microsource CAD/CAM, with headquarters in Woburn, Mass., and district offices in Trevose, Pa., Parsippany, N.J., and New York City, has installed more than 200 Computervision personal designer systems in the Northeast. The firm, said to be the largest turnkey distributor of micro-based CAD/CAM systems in the U.S., provides professional pre- and post-sales service and support, custom application software development, and full hardware and software maintenance programs.

MINDECO Booth No. 307 Mindeco Corporation of Oceanside, N.Y., is a large and diverse stocking distributor of fittings, flanges, and valves for the marine industry. The company carries an inventory of bronze silver-brazing, Class 200 cupro-nickel butt weld, and high-pressure socket weld fittings and flanges, along with bronze union end and flanged Moneltrimmed valves. Forging and machining facilities are available for special requirements.

MMS Booth No. 310 Marine Management Systems, Inc. of Stamford, Conn., will present its ship management application systems, designed for use on the IBM Personal Computers, for both shipboard and shoreside use. Available for demonstration will be systems for spare parts management, planned maintenance, cargo loading, and fleet payroll. Also represented will be the Marine Management Centre, MMS' London-based joint venture with BP Shipping, as well as Sperry Marine, with whom MMS has joined in a marketing agreement to offer MMS software on Sperry's new marine PC.

J. ARTHUR MOORE Booth Nos. 405/407 J. Arthur Moore Company, Inc. of South Hackensack, N.J., will display the following: Babcock Bristol #OTM-18 second generation tanker deballasting oil content monitoring systems, USCG and UK/DOT certified and approved to IMO-A-586-14 requirements; Babcock Bristol #OTM bilge alarm, USCG and UK/ DOT certified and approved to IM0-A-393-X; and Keystone International butterfly valves and actuators, approved by USCG and USN for cargo/ballast/ventilation/COW/ IGS applications.

MTU-NA Booth No. 818 MTU of North America will present technical information on its 396 model 03 and 04 series engines—the same type that powered the Virgin Atlantic Challenger II on its record trans-Atlantic run; the display will show a video account of this event.

The stand will also have a model of a KaMeWa water jet used on highspeed ferries.

MURDOCK Booth Nos. F-6/F-7 Murdock Engineering Company of Irving, Texas, designs and manufactures RISICs (Rubber Insert Sound Isolation Couplings) used on all new-construction submarines.

The company will also display custom- designed rubber springs that can be used in wireless and mooring system equipment to eliminate any shock loading in the ropes or lines.

N A V / C OM Booth No. 529 NAV/COM, Inc. of Deer Park, N.Y., a wholly owned subsidiary of Magnavox Advanced Products & Systems Company of Torrence, Calif., will display a wide range of advanced marine electronics equipment.

Among the featured products will be the recently introduced Magnavox MX 4400 GPS receiver, a highly accurate navigation instrument that uses signals from the U.S.

government's satellite-based Global Positioning System. Also featured will be the Magnavox MX2400 satcom terminal that provides instant, clear communications between ship and shore via the INMARSAT satellite network.

NELSON ELECTRIC Booth No. 104 Nelson Electric of Tulsa, Okla., a unit of General Signal, will display its Multi-Cable Transit® and Multi- Plugs™, mechanical firestops for cable penetrations in bulkheads and decks. When exposed to fire, Tecron ™ elastomer modules expand, completely sealing the areas around the penetration, blocking the passage of fire, toxic fumes, and gases.

NEWPORT NEWS Booth No. 204 The Newport News Shipbuilding booth will highlight the company's 100 years of designing, constructing, overhauling, repairing, converting, retrofitting, and jumboizing a wide variety of ships for the U.S. Navy and commercial customers. Also featured will be video tape displays of the company's centennial anniversary, and the IMSATT Interactive Videodisc Expert System being marketed for training and information delivery applications.

NEW WAVE SYSTEMS Booth No. 827 New Wave Systems, Inc. of Jamestown, R.I., will demonstrate state-of-the-art computer-aided engineering, design, and production software for the marine industry.

The products include a microcomputer- based set of integrated programs, using interactive graphics, that assist naval architects with hull surface definition, fairing, lofting, and numerous engineering analyses.

NORSHIPCO Booth Nos. 5 1 3 / 5 15 Norfolk Shipbuilding and Drydock Corporation in Virginia offers the marine industry a complete range of services, including diesel components, temporary crews, insurance services, financial services, and land-based industrial repair, all of which will be included in the exhibit.

NUGENT Booth No. 806 Wm. W. Nugent & Co. of Skokie, 111., manufactures an oil filter that cleans itself continuously and automatically without shutdown. It cleans itself by backwashing; there are no scraper blades to abrade the media. The backwash mechanism is driven by oil system pressure; no external power source or pneumatic system is required. There are no elements to change, elements to store, or baskets to clean.

OMNITHRUSTER Booth No. 210 Omnithruster Inc. of Santa Fe Springs, Calif., designs and manuf a c t u r e s advanced-technology waterjet thrusters providing slowspeed propulsion, 360-degree maneuvering, position-keeping, and ice management wherever critical shiphandling and auxiliary propulsion are needed. Thrusters of up to 3,000 hp may be installed in combinations for any horsepower, with AC/DC electric, hydraulic, or diesel drives.

Other products include control systems with automatic heading and dynamic positioning; commercial low-noise and military tactical thrusters where high shock resistance is required; and low magnetic units built for mine warfare.

PHILADELPHIA RESINS Booth No. 317 ITW Philadelphia Resins Corporation of Montgomeryville, Pa., leaders in innovative technology with resin products, will feature the numerous MIL Spec adhesives, coatings, and chocking compounds available worldwide. With more than 70 million horsepower of diesel engines mounted on Chockfast®, shipowners rely on the company's product to maintain alignment.

New materials to be featured will be state-of-the-art computer-aided engineering, design, and production software for the marine industry.

The products include a microcomputer- based set of integrated programs, using interactive graphics, that assist naval architects with hull surface definition, fairing, lofting, and numerous engineering analyses.

NORSHIPCO Booth Nos. 5 1 3 / 5 15 Norfolk Shipbuilding and Drydock Corporation in Virginia offers the marine industry a complete range of services, including diesel components, temporary crews, insurance services, financial services, and land-based industrial repair, all of which will be included in the exhibit.

NUGENT Booth No. 806 Wm. W. Nugent & Co. of Skokie, 111., manufactures an oil filter that cleans itself continuously and automatically without shutdown. It cleans itself by backwashing; there are no scraper blades to abrade the media. The backwash mechanism is driven by oil system pressure; no external power source or pneumatic system is required. There are no elements to change, elements to store, or baskets to clean.

OMNITHRUSTER Booth No. 210 Omnithruster Inc. of Santa Fe Springs, Calif., designs and manuf a c t u r e s advanced-technology waterjet thrusters providing slowspeed propulsion, 360-degree maneuvering, position-keeping, and ice management wherever critical shiphandling and auxiliary propulsion are needed. Thrusters of up to 3,000 hp may be installed in combinations for any horsepower, with AC/DC electric, hydraulic, or diesel drives.

Other products include control systems with automatic heading and dynamic positioning; commercial low-noise and military tactical thrusters where high shock resistance is required; and low magnetic units built for mine warfare.

PHILADELPHIA RESINS Booth No. 317 ITW Philadelphia Resins Corporation of Montgomeryville, Pa., leaders in innovative technology with resin products, will feature the numerous MIL Spec adhesives, coatings, and chocking compounds available worldwide. With more than 70 million horsepower of diesel engines mounted on Chockfast®, shipowners rely on the company's product to maintain alignment.

New materials to be featured will be the Super Repair Products line of high-performance compounds.

PORT OF PORTLAND Booth Nos. 9 0 9 / 9 11 Portland Ship Repair Yard is a full-service facility located on the Columbia River in Portland, Ore., gateway to the Pacific Rim. Three major contractors—Dillingham Ship Repair, Lockport Marine Company, and Northwest Marine Iron Works—perform the work at the yard, which is maintained by the Port of Portland. These companies, working with some of the most modern facilities in the world, are capable of handling jobs on all types of Navy and Coast Guard ships, oil tankers, cruise liners, and heavy industrial projects.

RAYTHEON Booth No. 824 Raytheon Marine Company of Manchester, N.H., will make a major introduction of its new series of high seas rasterscan radars. In addition, two new JRC 12- and 16-inch high seas radars will be introduced.

Also seen for the first time will be the Yokogawa Hokushin gyrocompasses, EM speed logs, and adaptive autopilots available from Raytheon under a comprehensive distribution agreement announced recently. The new Hokushin Uni-Adapt Series of adaptive autopilots interfaces with existing ship steering systems to automatically select parameters of speed, trim, load, and weather conditions for optimum rudder control.

RILEY-BEAIRD Booth No. 108 Riley-Beaird, Inc. of Shreveport, La., will exhibit its Maxim® silencers, heat recovery equipment, evaporators, and heat exchanger products.

Emphasis will be on the new HJ and TCF standard evaporators.

Information will be available on the company's total in-plant capability relating to fabrication of ASME Code type pressure vessels and other fabricated structures.

ROCKMENT Booth No. 931 Rockment, Inc. of Houston, a member of the Rockwool International Group, is a manufacturer of sophisticated and cost-effective joiner/accommodations aesthetically designed to meet high thermal, noise, and fire requirements (USCG B-15/A-60 and SOLAS 74) consisting of bulkheads, ceilings, doors, window casements, A-60 floor units, vent louvres, and light fixtures.

ROLAND MARINE Booth No. 833 Roland Marine Inc. of New York City, manufacturers' representative for marine and industrial equipment, will exhibit the following products: Ross Industries (formerly HDW) "Simplex" sterntube seals and components, oily water separators, and complete shipyard services; AEG automation system, steering gear, shaft generator, cable transit, sealing system, and electric drives; Zoellner sound signal equipment, engine dynamometer; Norclean marine vacuum system; Hechelmann clear view screens; and Moelven marine cranes.

SAAB TANK CONTROL Booth No. 212 Saab Tank Control of Secaucus, N.J., will exhibit the following equipment: Saab TankRadar cargo/ ballast tank monitoring and control system; Gunclean fixed tank-cleaning machines; EMV-Marpoil ballasat water oil content monitor; and Ocean Motion Company's ship loading computer for stress monitoring.

SALTECH Booth No. 330 Saltech Consultants AB of Stockholm, Sweden, will be demonstrating the "MASP" computerized maintenance and spare parts inventory system. Developed over the past 20 years by experienced marine personnel, MASP is now in more than 150 installations worldwide.

Saltech will also offer information on its new building and project management design and engineering services.

SAMSUNG Booth No. 318 Samsung Shipbuilding & Heavy Industries Company in Korea has developed new concepts for the most economical containerships.

The new designs include all types with capacity ranging from 1,200 to 3,600 TEU. During the past six years, the Koje Shipyard has delivered four 34,000-dwt containerships, one 41,300 container/bulk carrier, and one 41,380-dwt multi- purpose container/bulk carrier. The Samsung-designed asymmetrical stern of the 34,000-tonners is said to save about eight percent in fuel costs compared with a conventional symmetrical stern.

SECURIPLEX Booth No. 642 Securiplex Systems, Inc. of Pointe Claire, Quebec, engineers and manufactures the microprocessor- based Firescope® damage surveillance and control system integrated with extinguishant systems.

Combining state-of-the-art with an established engineering reputation, Securiplex meets the vital needs of marine, offshore, and naval markets.

The company's defense projects integrate such damage control functions as fire detection and suppression, fire main and ventilation control, monitoring and control of fuel and ballast tank levels, and flood control.

SIEMENS Booth Nos. 700/702/704 Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc. of South Plainfield, N.J., will exhibit the following: the Simos 41, a microprocessor-controlled alarm and monitoring system for large and complex functions. This system can be delivered with redundancies for increased performance safety, and with multi-terminal operation. The Sigos 41, a color graphics system that allows a process to be started and its progress monitored. The Simos 32, a microprocessor-controlled alarm and monitoring system of modular construction for smaller systems with up to 400 inputs. It includes data terminals, and event and data logger.

SPERRY Booth Nos. 238-39 Sperry's Aerospace & Marine Group of Charlottesville, Va., will exhibit a full range of gyropilots, gyrocompasses, doppler speed logs, ship stabilizer systems, and steering systems. A major manufacturer of marine navigation and control systems, and a leader in radar and collision- avoidance systems, Sperry recently announced the addition of a range of satellite communications systems and a powerful personal computer. The company maintains a worldwide service organization, with more than 250 locations staffed by fully trained personnel to insure the maximum availability of all Sperry systems.

STOW MANUFACTURING Booth No. 424 Stow Manufacturing Company of Binghamton, N.Y., is one of the country's largest suppliers of manual remote valve-actuating systems; its products are recognized as the industry standard. The Stow product line is made up of all components required to solve any manual valve-operating configuration, including handwheels, deck stands, deck boxes, U-joints, flexible shaft, gear boxes, shaft hangers, and valve couplings. The company also provides engineering assistance, and special materials are available.

TATE ANDALE Booth No. 413 Tate Andale, Inc. of Baltimore, a division of Tate Industries, will display its line of seawater, lube oil, and fuel oil strainers—simplex, duplex, cone, Y-type, commercial and MIL-spec strainers; manually operated and power-operated simples and duplex manifold valves, P.V.

valves; three-way, four-way, and double-circuit valves; hull and drainage fittings; special marine machining and fabricating capabilities; and heat exchangers.

TELEFLEX Booth No. 324 The Remote Mechanical Valve Actuator System manufactured by Teleflex Incorporated of King of Prussia, Pa., is a flexible cable-driven mechanical valve actuation device that eliminates the need for critical alignment in controlling remote valves. Sealed and permanently lubricated, this system uses tension-tension helix cable drive to transmit valve control commands over long distances and multiple bend routings.

THOMSON-GORDON Booth Nos. 404/406 Thomson-Gordon Limited of Toronto, Canada, will show for the first time ever a new closed-loop, water-based lubrication system for marine propeller shafts. The company will also display its full range of Thordon® marine bearings for propeller shafts and rudder bearings on all types and classes of ships.

From Compac to Staxl, from XL to Composite, Thordon syntheticpolymer- alloy marine bearings have provided consistent, cost-effective trouble-free performance for owners and operators. There is a Thor- Lube system and a Thordon marine bearing to meet any requirement.

TIMBERLAND Booth No. 626 Timberland Equipment Limited of Woodstock, Ontario, designs and manufactures standard and custom hoists, winches, and related accessories for dredges, barges, and rigs.

Also, a complete line of anchor and mooring winches, electric, electrohydraulic, and diesel powered, as well as standard and custom-built fairleads, deck sheaves and blocks, stiffleg and shearleg derricks, and oceanographic winches.

TIMSCO Booth No. 123 Timsco, Inc. of Mobile, Ala., will display software for use in IBM-PC and compatible computers. Primary systems deal with spare parts inventory control and maintenance management.

The inventory system displays current status and historical usage data, and includes requisition and purchase order processing capabilities.

The maintenance management system includes scheduling and recording capabilities, and a regulatory body inspection planning and tracking system.

TTT Booth No. 219 Total Transportation Systems Incorporated will focus heavily on its Kenmark Industries product line, which includes hydraulic jacking and skidding equipment and the unique Kenmark shiplift. TTS is currently involved in producing a skidding system for loadout and launch of the world's largest fixed jacket platform that is to be installed in the Gulf of Mexico. In addition, the company recently commissioned a similar system for Hyundai Heavy Industries in Ulsan, Korea.

WAGNER MARINE Booth No. 640 Wagner Marine (USA) Inc. is the U.S. distributor for Wagner Engineering, Ltd. of North Vancouver, B.C., a leading producer of hydraulic steering systems, electronic control systems, autopilots, rudder angle indicators, and related accessories.

Its products are sold in more than 60 countries.

WARTSILA DIESEL Booth Nos. 720/722/724 Wartsila Diesel of Finland will exhibit its Wartsila Vasa 32 and Vasa 22 engine types with an output range from 760 to 10,026 bhp at 720- 1,200 rpm. Wartsila's latest U.S.

cruising and offshore reference will also be presented at the show. With production facilities in Finland, Sweden, Norway, France, and Singapore, and licensees in Korea, Indonesia, and Brazil, Wartsila Die- sel is one of the world's leading manufacturers of medium-speed diesel engines. In the U.S., Wartsila is represented by Wartsila Diesel, Inc., with offices in New York, Houston, Marrero and Miami.

(New Orleans) WAUKESHA BEARINGS Booth No. 101 Waukesha Bearings Corporation of Waukesha, Wise., a Dover Industries company, will exhibit a shock qualified, disk-lubricated lineshaft bearing and the latest in IMOapproved pres/vac products including a high-velocity PV valve type HS-M, cargo ejector, purge vent cover, and information on a portable turbo blower fan for gas-freeing non-inerted tankers and barges.

WILSON MACHINE Booth No. 636 Wilson Machine Company Ltd. of LaSalle, Quebec, established in 1913, is a leading Canadian manufacturer of gears for civilian and military marine applications, deck machinery, and radar drives.

WRIGHT-AUSTIN Booth No. 314 The Wright-Austin Company of Detroit will exhibit gas/liquid separation equipment, including its type "T" and "31L" gas/liquid separators and draining equipment. These separators were used to separate condensate from saturated steam systems or condensate from compressed air systems.

The company's separators are used on the catapult systems of all U.S. Navy aircraft carriers, and on the bleed air systems of all gas-turbine- powered guided-missile destroyers and cruisers, including the DDG-51 under construction at Bath Iron Works. The display will also include the company's 500 Series bucket traps for draining its gas/liquid separators.

ZURN INDUSTRIES Booth Nos. 519-20 The Mechanical Drives Division of Zurn Industries, Inc., Pittsburgh, is a leading designer and manufacturer of environmental quality control, energy conversion systems, and leisure products. The division offers the Amerigear and Ameriflex flexible couplings, Zurn/Voith universal joints, resilient couplings for sound isolation, and synchronizing clutch couplings, all with a smooth, dependable mechanical power transmission that stands up to severe torque, speed, and misalignment conditions as required in marine drive systems.

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