Penske Literature Details New Onboard Diagnostic System

Penske GM Power, Ronkonkoma, N.Y., recently introduced its new computerized monitor, the Penske Onboard Diagnostic System.

The Penske system, available for all Penske Single Turbocharged engines, is a small (6 inches by 3 inches) microprocessor controlled, solid-state computer. Utilizing a three-digit vacuum fluorescent readout, the water and shock resistant unit will alert the operator to potential fault conditions, according to the manufacturer, before they become a problem.

The onboard computer monitors pressures in the airbox, measures out-flow pressures from the raw water pump, the fuel pump and the turbocharger compressor discharge, incorporates a pyrometer to measure exhaust gas and gear oil temperatures, and even checks the water and oil.. . without even opening the "hood".

Penske GM Power's engineering team has brought the computer age to the hostile environment of the engine room. The high-technology of electro-optics, thermo couples and programmed computer software now allow direct interface between the operator and his second largest investment, his engines. The Penske Onboard Diagnostic System is available on Penske's line of high performance "Advantage" marine diesels and can be retrofitted to certain existing marine diesels.

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Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 56,  Nov 1986

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